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QWAMPLIFY - General Assembly adopts new Group name and appoints 2 new administrators
information fournie par Boursorama30/03/2018 à 18:00

Custom Solutions becomes Qwamplify
The General Assembly of March 29 validated the adoption of the new corporate name: Qwamplify, as announced on November 21st.
This new name brings the Group's new strategy based on 3 pillars: Media, Marketing Activation and Data CRM & Mobile.

Renewal of the board of directors to accompany the new strategy around the Media and the data
The General Assembly also approved the appointment of two new administrators, Laurence Houdeville and Julien Braun, following the expiry of the mandates of Véronique BEAUMONT and Françoise PERRIOLAT who have accompanied the Group in its digital transformation over the past two years.

Capital increase reserved for employees
On March 30, 2018, the Board of Directors recorded the capital increase for the benefit of employees of the Group's consolidated companies subscribing to a Company Savings Plan. Thus, 22 employees and agents, including its director and founder Cédric RENY, participated in the transaction for a total amount of € 144,322.55 giving rise to the creation of 28,135 new shares, bringing the capital of Qwamplify to 5,507,395 € divided into 5,507,395 shares with a par value of € 1 each.

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