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SOGECLAIR: 2017 turnover
information fournie par Boursorama07/02/2018 à 17:45

UP BY 7.9% to 147.3M euros

SOGECLAIR, the designer of innovative high added-value solutions and products for the aerospace and transport sectors, today reports its 2017 turnover, with an organic growth of 7.9% that reaches the average growth of the last years after a 6.9% progression in 2016.

The activity’s development in 2017 is all the more important as the year had a decrease of 2 working days compared to 2016, a negative dollar effect, as well as a delay in the implementation of PrintSky, subsidiary dedicated to additive manufacturing for aerospace and defence (ongoing consultation of the Competition Authority).

The growing business for the 3 divisions records several strategic stages:
-The Products business, which turns the 50M euros mark (+ 18.5%) and,
-The international market, which oversteps 80M euros (approximately +10%) with a strong increase in America
(+ 48%) which reaches 22% of the turnover

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