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Qwamplify-Transfer of the liquidity contract
information fournie par Boursorama02/10/2018 à 18:01

Transfer of GILBERT DUPONT's liquidity contract to TSAF
- Tradition Securities And Futures
QWAMPLIFY (Euronext Growth Paris – FR0010889386 – ALQWA), European media, digital & data marketing group at the service of major brands and e-merchants announces that it has transferred to TSAF-Tradition Securities And Futures, on October 1, 2018, the liquidity contract previously concluded with GILBERT DUPONT.
The liquidity contract implemented with TSAF complies with the Code of Ethics established by the AMAFI and approved by the decision of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers of March 21, 2011. This liquidity contract was concluded for a period of a year tacitly renewable. Its purpose is the animation of QWAMPLIFY shares, which are listed on the Euronext Growth Paris market.

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