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QWAMPLIFY - Appointment of J. Braun Bilendi and purchase capital balance Flexistart
information fournie par Boursorama25/06/2018 à 18:03

Julien Braun has been appointed Administrator of Bilendi, on Qwamplify’s proposal.
Qwamplify, which holds 26.18% of the capital and 38% of the voting rights of Bilendi, had requested the inclusion on the agenda of the Bilendi General Meeting of the appointment of Julien Braun as administrator, himself a new Administrator of the Qwamplify Group since the General Meeting of March 30th.

Repurchase of the SGP / Flexistart capital balance, now 100 % subsidiary.
The Group continues to fully integrate its acquisitions by finalizing the purchase of SGP (Flexistart) shares from the two historical founders. This agency joined the group in 2013 by selling 70% of its capital. Jean-Marc Piette, co-founder of Flexistart, is currently leading the Group's « Activation Division ».

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