AKKA TECHNOLOGIES : AKKA Technologies acquires german engineering company Auronik


AKKA Technologies today announces the purchase of Auronik Group. The German medium-sized engineering service provider has developed very strong expertise in the automotive industry, mainly in:

  • Infotainment and navigation: validation and verification of major OEMs' infotainment systems,
  • Driver assistance systems: system testing and test system development,
  • Connectivity, online services and apps: system engineering and functional ownership of online services for the connected car. Test house for online services validation,
  • eMobility solutions: hardware and software products for communication between charging stations and electric vehicles, an intelligent and highly efficient plug & charge system.

These highly technical skills have enabled Auronik to develop a close relationship with leading German OEMs (VW, Audi, and BMW) and their Tier-1 partners (Verizon, Bosch, etc.).

Founded in 2010 in Munich, Auronik employs around 130 highly skilled employees and is enjoying strong growth. It is expected to achieve revenue of around €12 million in 2014, with a double-digit operating margin. Auronik's acquisition will be accretive as early as 2015.

AKKA Technologies' medium-term strategic plan aims to accelerate its diversification in Germany and international markets. Expansion will come:

  • through further improvement of the Group's skills and competitiveness,
  • by applying the Group's business model among new and existing clients.



After the success of MBtech's integration, the acquisition of Auronik is the first step in the Group's diversification in Germany. The markets for infotainment, driver assistance systems, connectivity and eMobility solutions are growing at a fast pace. Auronik has developed highly skilled expertise in these fields. Its integration within the AKKA Technologies Group will accelerate the deployment of its solutions to both Groups' existing clients.

At the same time, AKKA Technologies will leverage, in the automotive sector, its unique combination of engineering and consulting services. This will speed up its growth among its main clients such as VW, Audi, and BMW, which represented 70% of Auronik's sales in 2014.

Maurice Ricci, CEO of AKKA Technologies said: "Auronik's front-ranking know-how in innovation and eMobility dovetails perfectly with AKKA Technologies' DNA. Its acquisition is the first step in our diversification strategy in Germany. It will help us achieve our medium-term objective of doubling our revenue in Germany."


About AKKA Technologies

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
Let's share our passion for technology."

AKKA Technologies is an international Group with nearly 11,000 employees working in Europe, America and Asia. Its experts serve in the field of innovation, assisting large manufacturing and tertiary services companies in the full range of their innovation processes and in the lifecycle of their products, from initial studies to the start of large-scale production.

With AKKA Research, the Group boasts its own research centre, dedicated to innovation and the anticipation of future technologies. AKKA Technologies' centres of excellence work throughout Europe on international work packages, offering unique expertise in key areas: Systems Engineering, Product Engineering, Process Engineering, Engineering Support, Embedded and Electronics Systems, Information Systems and Consulting.

Its ability to carry out large transnational projects, which represent real strategic challenges for its customers, makes AKKA Technologies a key leader in Technology Consulting and Engineering.

After 30 years of growth in the service of innovation, AKKA Technologies, listed in Paris since 2005, today (2013) generates revenue of €879 million.

AKKA Technologies is listed on Euronext Paris TM - Segment B, ISIN code FR0004180537.
CAC® Small, CAC® Mid & Small, CAC® All-Tradable, CAC® All-Share indices

For more information, please visit www.akka.eu
Suivez nous sur : https://twitter.com/AKKA_Tech



AKKA Technologies Contacts Actus Contacts
Nicolas Valtille
Group CFO
Tél. : 04 78 92 60 83
Amalia Naveira
Relations analystes/investisseurs
Tél. : 04 72 18 04 97
Dov Lévy
Investor Relations & Corporate Development
Tél. : 01 56 69 26 52
Marie-Claude Triquet
Relations presse
Tél. : 04 72 18 04 93

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