GROUPE GORGE : Prodways, the 3D printing unit of Groupe Gorgé, exhibits for the first time in the United States and achieves new milestones in its business development strategy


Prodways will exhibit at RAPID 2014, the premier North American 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing trade show in Detroit, MI from June 10th to June 12th. PRODWAYS will present for the first time to the US market its new product lineup of 3D printing manufacturing systems incorporating the company's unique MOVINGLight® Technology, first introduced to the world at Euromold last December.

Through its recent acquisition of DeltaMed GmbH, a major German manufacturer of UV curable materials, Prodways aims to complement its current lineup of material solutions developed internally and by its partner Dreve with a complementary offering to expand the frontiers for 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing.

Coincident with RAPID 2014, Prodways is pleased to announce two new alliances to evolve its market presence

North American distribution

Prodways is proud to announce it has concluded an agreement with GENISTAR to establish its first distribution channel to cover the North American marketplace. GENISTAR, a company involved in the field of 3D Printing since 2005, has been collaborating with the Prodways team for the last 3 years and has developed a unique intimacy with the Prodways products and services.

GENISTAR will activate a sales and distribution network to cover the United States, Canada and Mexico, and provide a full range of services including installation, calibration, phone and field support, application and material support, spare part fulfillment and materials distribution.

Solutions Development

Prodways is pleased to announce a Solutions Development partnership with POLY-SHAPE, a premier service bureau in Europe integrating one of the most comprehensive scope of machines and processes in 3D Additive Manufacturing. As a European member of the Prodways Premium Partner Network, Prodways will host POLY-SHAPE in its booth for the duration of RAPID 2014.

POLY-SHAPE will be adding the Prodways product line to its internal capabilities to leverage the high resolution and speed enabled by Prodway's unique MOVINGLight® Technology for applications in its traditional and emerging markets.

Leveraging the expertise of POLY-SHAPE, Prodways has also entered into a collaboration agreement with POLY-SHAPE to assist in the development of 3D Additive Manufacturing Solutions integrating Prodways' lineup of systems and materials. 

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