GROUPE GORGE : Groupe Gorgé announces a large order in the Protection in Nuclear Environments sector and strengthens its presence in China


With the opening of the first international trade fair for nuclear manufacturers, GROUPE GORGE announces its particularly symbolic success in dismantling activities. The Group's subsidiary BAUMERT just won an order of nearly €4 million as part of the NOVARKA project for the design, construction and commissioning of a new containment protecting the pre-existing sarcophagus around reactor No. 4 of the Chernobyl power station.

As part of the project to dismantle contaminated waste inside the sarcophagus, the Group will supply some thirty special doors. Two of them represent a remarkable technical challenge: two lifting doors covering a surface area of more than 150m² and weighing more than 70 tonnes will be installed in the arch, at a height of more than 80 metres.

BAUMERT's increased production capacity in China
Our subsidiary BAUMERT has been operating in China since the start of the Chinese nuclear programme. Major contracts have been recorded over recent years for the third-generation EPR and AP1000 power stations. These projects and Chinese market prospects led to the creation of BAUMERT CHINE in 2012. Faced with the large number of calls for tender underway and requiring local production, BAUMERT decided in 2014 to increase its workforce and means of production.

Thanks to this new organisation, BAUMERT CHINE has been approved by three contractors (CGN, CNNC and SNPEC) and is thereby able to bid for contracts concerning ordinary and fire doors for EPR and AP1000 power plants, in competition with Chinese manufacturers. These consultations, which pertain to simpler products, have not been accessible to the group for several years. The first orders have been obtained.

In the medium term, BAUMERT CHINE can also provide the basis for developing future markets in India, Vietnam and South Korea.

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