AUBAY : Strong growth in the third quarter of 2014: +11.6%


 Boulogne Billancourt - 23 October 2014



  Over 3 months Over 9 months
Revenue (€ million) Q3 2014 Q3 2013* Change At 30/09/14 At 30/09/13** Change
France 35.6 30.7 +16.0% 110.7 87.8 +26.0%
International 21.2 20.2 +4.9% 65.7 60.2 +9.1%
Group total 56.8 50.9 +11.6% 176.4 148.0 +19.1%


(*) Aedian consolidated since September 2013 
(**) Aedian consolidated since September 2013 and Blue Sof Solutions consolidated since April 2013

Aubay Group consolidated revenues amounted to €56.8 million for the third quarter of 2014, up 11.6% on the same period in 2013. At constant scope, activity was stable despite one day less of invoicing (64 days vs. 65 in 2013).

The Group's rate of activity was a very high 93.8% compared with 92.6% in the third quarter of 2013, which in turn will have a very positive impact on its operating margin.

Aubay's headcount of 3,400 employees on 30 September was stable on 30 June 2014, and has since been reinforced by the integration of 285 new members of staff following the acquisition of Spanish company, Norma4, which was consolidated on 1 October 2014.

Following on from the third quarter, the last three months of 2014 have gotten off to a strong start, underpinned by dynamic business activity and a high rate of productivity. 
Aubay Group has confirmed the targets announced: a marked increase in revenues and a current operating income of €20 million.


Interim dividend of €0.11
Aubay has approved the payment of an interim dividend of €0.11 which will be detached at the end of trading on 28 October and paid on 31 October 2014.

The Group will publish its yearly revenues for 2014 on 28 January 2015 after the close of the markets.

For further information, visit the Finance section on the Group website at

About AUBAY Group
Aubay is a digital services company working alongside some of the biggest names in the Banking, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Energy, Transport and Telecoms sectors. With 3,700 employees across 6 countries (France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Luxembourg), Aubay generated revenues of €211.1 million in 2013 for a current operating margin of 8.3%.


NYSE Euronext, Compartment C - ISIN FR0000063737-AUB - Reuters AUBT.PA - Bloomberg AUB:FP



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Nadia Morales - Communication Aubay - Tél. : 01 46 10 68 60 - E-mail :

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