FUTUREN : The commissioning of the Haute Borne wind farm brings to 151 MW the capacity operated by FUTUREN in France


Located in the Somme French department, on the territory of the towns of Languevoisin-Quiquery, Breuil and Billancourt, the Haute Borne wind farm comprises 7 wind turbines, with a unit capacity of 3 MW, for a cumulative capacity of 21 MW. Commissioned in the course of November 2015, this wind farm generates green electricity, that will cover the yearly domestic electricity needs of approximately 22,000 households.

Construction works started in the first quarter of 2014 and the project was transferred, in June 2014, to the investment vehicle THEOLIA Utilities Investment Company, in which FUTUREN holds a 40% interest.

This commissioning brings to 824 MW the installed capacity operated by FUTUREN, of which 310 MW are for own account.

In France, FUTUREN currently operates 75 wind turbines for a cumulative installed capacity of 151 MW, of which 95 MW are for own account.

The Haute Borne wind farm is the fourth facility commissioned by FUTUREN in the Somme department. In total, the Group operates 58 MW in this department. Actively pursuing the implementation of its portfolio in France, in particular in the Aube department, where FUTUREN currently builds the 18 MW Chemin Perré wind farm and will start the construction works for the 13 MW Les Monts project in the first quarter of 2016.

FUTUREN is an independent producer of wind energy, active over the entire wind value chain. The Group develops, builds and operates wind farms in four countries: Germany, France, Morocco and Italy. In total, the Group operates 824 MW for its own account and for third parties.


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