BOIRON : 2015 half-year results


(Audited data)


in thousands of euros 2014
Restated (1)
2015 Variation 2015/2014
Sales 261,616 261,616 275,573 +5.3%
Operating income 35,500 34,591 37,819 +9.3%
Net income - group share 19,905 19,341 21,451 +10.9%
Cash flow 40,452 39,543 48,726 +23.2%
Net investments 13,210 13,210 13,532 +2.4%
Net cash position 139,959 139,959 145,534 +4.0%

(1) Following application of the IFRIC 21 interpretation relating to taxes.


Operating income on June 30, 2015 grew by 9.3% in comparison to the first half-year of 2014.

The increase of the cash position covers the buy-back of shares for €17,172 thousand made within the frame of the share buy-back program in force.

BOIRON will continue its involvement in the development of homeopathy with confidence and ambition. Given geopolitical risks, the BOIRON group remains cautious in its outlook for 2015.



The half-year accounts were subjected to a limited review by statutory auditors. The half-year report including information on activities and results of the first half-year and the 2015 outlook was published in line with the provisions of Article 221-3 of the French Financial Market Authority [AMF]. It is available on the company's website



Our next update:
October 16, 2015 : at market close, publication of quarterly sales and financial information as of September 30, 2015.
Person responsible for financial information: Christian Boiron
Contact for financial information: Véronique Bouscayrol
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