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PRIVATE MEDIA GROUP : Résultats 2007 PRIVATE -A lire !

20 mars 200812:05

Vous trouverez le détail ci-dessous
Private confirme son évolution :

- La branche Internet (VOD etc..) source de fortes marges, se développe très vite : Un Excellent point
- Les branches traditionnelles (vente de DVDs...) voient leur chiffre d'affaires en très forte baisse : Ceci était largement attendu, les prix moyens des DVDs étant en forte baisse et private abandonnant le marché DVD

Au final un résultat 2007, avec une perte très ponctuelle de 405 000 euros, entièrement due à la chute du marché DVD.

Or, Grâce aux activités médias internet et VOD, en pleine croissance, la rentabilité va très vite s'améliorer.
De plus Private prépare son arrivée sur le marché HD-DVD et Blu-Ray, également source de très forte marges...

L'action étant actuellement très décotée, c'est donc à mon sens le moment de revenir

Mon conseil : ACHAT FORT avec un objectif de 3,50 USD à 18 mois

Private Media Group Reports 2007 Annual Results - Business Model Changing With New Media Sales Representing 57% of Total Sales - Wireless Sales Up 32%

BARCELONA, Spain, March 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Private Media Group Inc. (Nasdaq: PRVT) a worldwide leader in premium-quality adult entertainment products announced today its results for the twelve months ending December 31, 2007.

As a result of transitional factors and the weakening dollar euro exchange rate, sales decreased 14% to 25.0 million euro for the twelve-month period ended December 31, 2007, compared to 2006. The decrease was primarily due to decreased DVD & Magazine and Broadcasting sales, offset by increased Internet and Wireless sales. Net sales in general were affected by changes in exchange rates. The annual average dollar euro exchange rate for the fiscal year 2007 compared to 2006 decreased 9% which reduced sales in dollars by the same percentage.

New Media sales: Despite the weakening dollar, Internet sales increased 3% to 4.4 million euro. Broadcasting sales decreased 1.0 million euro, or 12%, to 7.1 million euro. The decrease was primarily the result of the combined effect of the discontinuing of low margin pay-per-view sales in the US and a 2006 non-recurring Pay-TV license sales in Europe totaling 2.3 million euro, offset by an increase of 1.3 million euro primarily from new broadcasting business in Europe such as IPTV/VOD and the PrivateSpice TV channel. Wireless sales increased 32% to 2.6 million euro as a result of increased distribution and consumer buy rates.

Total New Media sales was 14.1 million euro, or 57% of total net sales. 2007 is the first year these new media distribution platforms represent more than half of our business. The Company expects Internet, wireless and broadcasting sales to increase significantly, given the rapid growth of these platforms and our leadership role in the adult entertainment category, (see comment on the business going forward below).

DVD & Magazine sales decreased by 27% to 10.9 million euro due to an industry wide decrease in DVD sales.

The Company reported a net loss of 0.4 million euro for the twelve months ended December 31, 2007 compared to a net income of 0.5 million euro for the twelve months ended December 31, 2006.

Commenting on some important factors relating to the business going forward, Private Media Group, Inc., CFO, Johan Gillborg stated: "During 2007, the combined sales from broadcasting, wireless and Internet was 57% of total sales. This represents a major shift in our business model and we expect aggressive growth in this area going forward, which will significantly affect the overall growth and operating profit of the Company's business.

"While European broadband users are signing up for IPTV services in the hundreds of thousands each month, making Europe the biggest and fastest growing IPTV region in the world (i), we have successfully implemented part of our new media strategy and contracted for supplying content for TVOD (ii) services to a total of 24 major platform operators in 11 countries in the region. During 2007 the European IPTV market grew by 60% to 6.4 million IPTV subscribers and by the end of the year we had gained 70% coverage with 4.5 million subscribers.

"With respect to our rollout on IPTV, it is important to note that part of our content has only been launched recently on some of these new IPTV platforms and subsequently we have seen very little impact on our bottom line from this high-margin business yet. During 2008 we are launching and building up shelf-space on all platforms and by the end of the second quarter 2008 we will have full exposure of our content on these fast growing IPTV platforms. By the end of 2008 and 2009, we expect to have our content available to 7.9 million and 12.0 million European IPTV subscribers, respectively, and the monetization of these subscribers will significantly increase our top line revenues and overall profitability.

"Furthermore, in order to increase growth and profitability in our other types of broadcasting, we have restructured our trademark and content licensing business with respect to the operation and distribution of Private branded TV channels carrying our content in Europe and Latin America. The restructuring included finding new partners in these markets and subsequently we entered into agreements with Playboy TV Latin America and Playboy TV International. During the 2007, both partners have expanded their reach for the Private branded TV channels. In particular we have seen significant growth in sales in Europe with the PrivateSpice TV channel. In addition, we recently partnered with New Frontier Media for the exclusive distribution of Private branded content to the U.S. broadcast market including video-on-demand, pay-per-view, IPTV and television. New Frontier Media's services reach over 139 million network homes and recently our content became available on the first video-on-demand platform in the US to more than six million subscribers via one of the biggest operators. Going forward, we expects additional video-on-demand platforms in the US to follow.

"With respect to mobile content, we believe this market is still in its infancy. During 2007 the distribution of Private content increased by 67% and by the end of the year it was available to 906 million handsets in 36 countries via 86 operators. The markets of Asia and the Americas are still underexploited by us and therefore represent a significant growth potential. Furthermore, Mobile TV, increased penetration of 3G handsets and the implementation of age verification systems offer additional significant growth potential with both current and future operators in 2008 and beyond (iii).

"In addition, in 2007 we entered into an exclusive global partnership with Mobile Streams to distribute our premium adult content through their platform for off-portal mobile services. Mobile Streams is a premier global mobile music and media provider and through this partnership we are entering a new dimension of mobile content delivery. We believe the user behavior for mobile content will migrate from on-portal to off-portal and that this new business will be the principal revenue generator going forward.

"Traffic to our Internet sites increased by 85% to 20 million unique visits in 2007 compared to 2006. This was primarily the result of the re- launch of the affiliate program PrivateCash. The affiliate program is now our biggest source of traffic. In the beginning of 2008, the Company is launching a large number of niche sites focusing on specific genres and top stars with the key objective to offer customers content matching their specific desires. In addition to catering to a wider clientele and creating more "shelf-space" on the web, this will grow the affiliate program as webmasters will have more tools at their disposal to drive traffic. Finally, it will enable the Company to take advantage of additional up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

"As we are moving further into a world of global digital content delivery, DVD pricing and volume is being affected considerably and as a result the industry in general is experiencing a severe downturn in DVD sales. In view of the aforementioned, during 2007 we started a reorganization of our distribution of DVDs and Magazines. Through this reorganization, we expect to maximize existing sales and over time reduce any further negative impact of this downward DVD trend on our overall business," Mr. Gillborg concluded.

Financial Highlights

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