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13 févr. 200816:42

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US Air Force gives O2Diesel a good mid-term report card
Posted on 13 December 2007 by Luke Hallam
The United States Air Force (USAF) has been evaluating O2Diesel’s ethanol diesel blend in non-tactical military vehicles and other diesel powered equipment since 2002. With testing expected to conclude in the summer of 2008 the USAF have issued a positive progress update. The update states that:

Nellis Air Force Base (AFB) and the Nevada Air National Guard became the first military users of O2Diesel™ in demonstrations with their fleets. In addition, the Air Force is developing a new environmentally friendly fuel for the Department of Defense (DoD) that will contain at least 20% renewable content, including O2Diesel’s proprietary additive, for a net 28% displacement of diesel petroleum fuel. This new fuel is already in use with no known adverse issues at Nellis AFB. The code name for the new fuel is O28.

The emissions, durability, and operability tests have so far proven this technology and the Air Force benefits directly from the experience gained. The next phase of this project starts on December 7, 2007 involving cold exposure at Minot AFB ND, and subsequently at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana for high humidity testing. These test will conclude in the Summer of 2008.

The update concludes by stating that:

The Air Force is pleased with the results obtained up to this time and Pentagon fuel-vehicle sustainment logistics planners are tentatively projecting to deploy this technology for continental Air Force use, contingent on the results of the cold and humid tests. In the event that the cold/humid weather tests show limitations, it is the intention to implement even with restricted use to meet Presidential Order 13423.”

Alan Rae, CEO of O2Diesel Corporation, is obviously happy to hear the good news. Particularly when the DoD’s diesel fuel use could reach 120 million gallons of O28 by 2009.

Source: O2Diesel

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