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22 nov. 200909:56

http://newenergyfocus.com/do/ecco/view_item?listid=1&listcatid=32&listit emid=3208&section=Hydro%20%26Marine

Onshore construction work for Wave Hub to start next week

Thursday 12 November 2009

Onshore construction work for Wave Hub to start next week
Wave Hub is a large grid-connected socket on the seabed that will allow wave energy devices to be tested

Construction work on a £42 million project off the Cornwall coast to test wave energy devices is to start next week, the South West Regional Development Agency announced today (November 12).

And, the Development Agency said that Guy Lavender had been appointed as general manager for the Wave Hub project, a large grid-connected socket on the seabed that will allow wave energy devices to be tested on a scale "not seen before."

Planning approval has been granted for the project, which is planned to have four berths in 50m water 10 miles off the North Cornwall coast and work starts on November 16. Wave Hub is due to be operational in summer 2010.

The first phase of construction will be onshore with a 200m duct drilled under and through sand dunes on the beach at Hayle in Cornwall with completion due by the end of 2009.

The narrow duct will be lined with a pipe as it is drilled and will eventually link Wave Hub's subsea cable with a new electricity sub-station on the site of a former power station.

Work on the sub-station will start in January and is expected to take six months to complete. The subsea cable will be laid when Wave Hub is deployed next year.

Jonny Boston, offshore renewable energy manager at South West RDA said: "It is an exciting time. We are currently on time and on budget. We look forward to the successful delivery of the project next summer."
Wave Hub

Wave Hub is being funded with £12.5 million from the South West RDA, £20 million from the European Regional Development Fund Convergence Programme and £9.5 million from the UK government and will look to showcase wave energy projects.

In July, American firm Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) became the first company to commit to a testing berth for its wave power device, Powerbuoy (see this NewEnergyFocus.com story).

Energy and Climate Change Minister, Lord Hunt, said the devices tested at Wave Hub would provide energy security and a "central component" in Britain's response to climate change.

"The scope for wave and tidal energy around the UK's shores is massive and the Wave Hub will help marine energy developers test their cutting edge projects and help them reach commercial viability," he said.

Stephen Peacock, executive director of Enterprise and Innovation at the South West RDA, said the organisation wanted to create an entirely new low carbon industry in the South West and "hundreds of quality jobs."

"This milestone is the culmination of more than six years' work by the RDA and its partners and will catapult South West England and the UK to the forefront of wave energy development," he said.

Guy Lavender is a former army lieutenant colonel and currently works at the RDA as director for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. He will take over the project as general manager from January 2010.

South West RDA said Mr Lavender's remit is likely to include overseeing the award of construction and the remaining installation contracts, recruit additional specialist staff and setting up a Wave Hub office in Hayle.

Mr Lavender said he wanted to continue the South West RDA's commitment to developing a low carbon economy for the region.

"I am looking forward to working with partners, suppliers and local people to ensure the project continues its momentum and helps create a world-class marine energy industry here in the South West," he said.

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1 réponse

  • sasane
    22 novembre 200909:57


    Wave Hub, Cornwall, England

    OPT aims to be one of the first developers to install its PowerBuoy technology at Wave Hub, an innovative renewable energy project in the South West of England, off the North Cornwall coast, near Hayle, which aims to create the UK's first offshore facility for the demonstration and proving of arrays of wave energy generation devices. The Wave Hub provides a shared infrastructure for connection to the onshore electricity grid, a structured approach to consenting issues, and an opportunity to test wave energy converter arrays over a long period of time. The Wave Hub site, for example, already has the permits and consents obtained for up to 20 MW of wave energy generation. The scheme will provide a well defined and monitored site with electrical connection to the onshore electricity grid, and will be this first of its kind in the world.

    OPTs deployment at Wave Hub is a major step towards the commercial application of multiple PowerBuoy arrays and future financing of utility scale projects. OPT proposes to install an array of PowerBuoys totaling up to 5 MW and will ‘plug’ into the Wave Hub infrastructure. Each array of PowerBuoys will connect to an Underwater Substation Pod which will network, collect and transform the power from the PowerBuoys for export to the Wave Hub cable infrastructure and onshore grid at Hayle. Installation of the PowerBuoys will be phased over several years.

    Further details on the Wave Hub are available at www.wavehub.co.uk.

    The Wave Hub Project Site, located off the
    Cornwall coast, in the Southwest of England.


    Location: Hayle Coast, Cornwall, England
    Status: Device- Specific Consent Applications
    Total Generating Capacity: Up to 5 MW (Phased installation over several years)


    Buoy Specification: PB150 and/or Next-Scale PowerBuoys
    Application: Grid Connected Demonstration of Commercial Array
    Major Components: PowerBuoys (Phased Installation)
    Underwater Substation Pods (USPs)
    Estimated Annual Generation: 13,797 MegaWatt-Hours
    Marine Renewable Obligation Certificates (MROC)1 Generated: 27,594 MROCs/year


    Owner: OPT
    Development Partners: South West Regional Development Agency

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