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HP : HP ???? pour faire quoi, acheter plut ?

24 août 201313:46

Meg Withman, but to do what ? 57 years old.
Was 25 years old in 1982, maybe the first cd audio portable, anyway this has no sense.

HP needs to be fundamentaly reshaped, middle management has to be completely cleaned-up, they are the major problems of HP.
And why, simply because the politic has taken the lead on the technology, in politic you only select the guy unable to do the job, why ? to be sure that he will never take your position.

Look at the hp web site................, it became a online shop, maybe an ebay view of the tech giant that was HP 5 year ago.
When you are always wrong, it could take years and years but you will disappear.
I will say one thing here, the market is not interested on WHAT you are doing, it is WHY are you doing this, look at companies giving a WHY response to the market (Google, amazon, etc....).

Unfortunately for HP, today the question could be WHY buying an HP product, (concept, vision, ideas, trends, future), please help me to find any good reason to buy it, from my point of view all of them are replaceable.
Last but not least, a word on the "Itanic", during the fusion Compaq-HP, decision makers decided to suppress one of their processor technology, at this time a certain Carly Fiorina was CEO.
When you are not able to manage and understand the why and what, you always take bad decision, that the overall reason of the HP disaster today, imagine a street baker that has to lead a IT tech giant that own thousands of patent.
So they decided to keep titanium intel techno based on EPIC....sorry i'm laughing, in front of RISC full 64 bits internal well know technology (PA-RISC and Alpha).
To be understood correctly it was a 30$ billion market.
And they failed but how can it be different??? intel has to support HP decision and money investment from HP to develop long term itanium processor (only HP used this…..).
Imagine one second that it is not a baker decision, you continue and support RISC processor type investment on your own, you maintain your R&D you continue low power development processor, and every emerging technology, AND you’re able to fight face to face with another giant called IBM. You will leverage new market certainly, if I’m not wrong (playstation, xbox, Wii) are all using IBM processor techno, all mobile phone and tablets are risc device but that just today, in 15 years all device will contain an asic and maybe a nano asic.

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