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ROCHE HLDG DR : Nouvelle de l'AG 4 mars dividende 4.60

04 mars 200817:16

Basel, 4 March 2008

Roche raises dividend by 35 percent
Annual General Meeting approves Annual Report and financial statements for 2007

Roche's Annual General Meeting, which was held today in Basel, has approved all the Board of Directors' proposals. The 662 shareholders in attendance, representing 143,480,308, or 89.7% of a total of 160,000,000 bearer shares, approved the 2007 Annual Report and financial statements. They also authorised a 35% increase in the gross dividend to 4.60 Swiss francs per share and non-voting equity, the twenty-first dividend increase in as many years. The Annual General Meeting also voted to reduce the term of office of directors from four years to three. Bruno Gehrig, Lodewijk J.R. de Vink, Walter Frey and Andreas Oeri were re-elected to the Board of Directors for a further term of office.

In his address to shareholders, Chairman and CEO Franz B. Humer summed up the year as follows: “Roche achieved outstanding results in 2007, continuing the extremely positive development of business seen in recent years. Roche’s growth is very broadly based and will be virtually unaffected by patent expiries in the next few years. Significant challenges and opportunities lie ahead in the healthcare market, and we will be able to tackle them with confidence from a position of strength.”

Dr Humer also emphasised Roche’s pioneering role in the development of personalised healthcare solutions. The concept of personalised medicine uses the genetic differences between patients to develop treatments and tests that are tailored to the needs of specific patient populations.

As of today’s meeting Severin Schwan has succeeded Franz B. Humer as CEO of the Roche Group. In his first speech the new CEO said that “Roche’s strategy is unique and we must use it as a basis for successfully advancing the company over the next years. It is an unfortunate fact that medicines are currently not as effective as they could be in an average of around fifty percent of patients, and in certain indications the success rate is even lower. This is why Roche is systematically pursuing personalised medicine – it is an approach that is capable of increasing the safety, efficacy and cost-efficiency of treatment. And there is no company in the world in a better position to make this approach reality.”

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