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JINSHAN GOLD MINES INC : interview de greg mc coach du 22/09

07 oct. 200918:09

TGR: Jinshan's also been on your top ten. Can you give us an update on them?

GM: I like China. There are plenty of great opportunities in China, but you have to be very careful. I've been over to China many times looking at a lot of different projects, and the company I like the most is Jinshan. It's a gold project; it's in production. They've had some bugaboos to work through on the production side. As they were ramping this up, they had some problems with the crushers and they had to get some crushers that could grind the material up a little finer so they'd get better metallurgical recovery on their gold. So they've gotten that squared away now, so I anticipate that for 2010 this is a company that's going to be producing a lot of ounces, upwards to 70, 80, 90, 100,000 ounces next year. So I'm very encouraged by that. It's at a good price.

This is another stock that I've done well on in the past. It's back at a low price. I like recommending it here again. The Chinese now control Jinshan and it's in the right jurisdiction in China. When you're investing in China mining stocks, it's all about the Chinese partner and province you're doing business in. Some provinces will work with Western mining companies. In this case, it used to be that a Canadian company controlled Jinshan. Now the Chinese control Jinshan, so there are no problems with that at all. They've got some great exploration targets that, once we get the profits going, they can put that money in the ground and make a further discovery. So I really like Jinshan for the longer term, especially if you believe in higher gold prices, which I do. It's one of the few China plays that I like.
- The Gold Report Interview with Greg McCoach (09/22/09)

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  • 09 octobre 200909:15


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