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26 févr. 200808:49

Northern Rock Campaign – Appeal for Financial Support
Although UKSA and the members of the Northern Rock Action Committee do not charge
for their time or costs incurred in running this campaign, we do have considerable
expenses that need to be covered. This comprises printing, postage, the cost of
purchasing the company’s share register and legal costs which may now be substantial if
we are to obtain fair compensation for your shares. We have already spent over £20,000
but more will be needed if we are to have a significant impact on this matter – for
example we would like to write to all shareholders on the share register of Northern Rock
so that they are aware of the issues and gain their support, but we have only been able to
write to a limited number so far. Our intention is to sign up as many shareholders as
possible to our Northern Rock Shareholder Action Group so that we can communicate
quickly with them when necessary, raise funds for legal action and gain political strength.
We are therefore asking you to contribute to a fund to promote the interests of ordinary
shareholders in Northern Rock. A note of what we are asking for and how to contribute is
given overleaf.
Please contribute if you are able.
If you have any questions on this matter, then please telephone me on the number below.
Yours sincerely
Roger Lawson
Communications Director
Email: roger.lawson@btclick.com
Direct telephone: 020-8467-2686
UKSA Northern Rock Action Group Donation Form
Name: _________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________
Postcode: ________________
Email Address (please write clearly in capitals): ___________________________________
Telephone (optional): ________________________________
Number of shares held _____________________
�� I enclose a cheque for £ ______________ made payable to the UK
Shareholders’ Association as my contribution to this campaign. (We suggest
a donation that is calculated as follows based on the number of shares you
held - the amount being asked for is based on the money we need to raise
and the likely number of respondents. The suggested contribution is 2p per
share held, but please simply give as much as you can afford. A table that
gives some sample figures is shown below)
Shares held
Amount @ 2p
per share
500 £ 10.00
1,000 £ 20.00
2,000 £ 40.00
5,000 £ 100.00
10,000 £ 200.00
20,000 £ 400.00
Note that anyone who joins the UK Shareholders Association as a member can of course
deduct the cost of their membership fee from the enclosed contribution, if you so wish – in
effect anyone who donates more than £38 can claim free membership of UKSA for one
year if you wish to do so – please tick here if that applies ��
Please return this form together with a cheque for the amount being contributed to the
following address: UK Shareholders Association Ltd, PO Box 62, Chislehurst, BR7 5YB.
Alternatively payment may be made by bank transfer to the following bank account:
A/C UK Shareholders Association Ltd, HSBC, 11 North Street, Wetherby, LS22 6NT, Sort
Code: 40-46-21 Account: 31342606 (quote reference “Northern Rock donation”)
Note that the UK Shareholders Association warrants that any contributions made in respect of this
matter will be used solely to promote the interests of the shareholders of Northern Rock Plc. If the
committee set up to organise this campaign subsequently determines at some point that no further
action is necessary, then any funds remaining will either be returned by UKSA to contributors
pro-rata to their total contributions, or may be used for any charitable purpose to promote the
interests of UK shareholders in general by UKSA. Money paid to UKSA for this campaign will be
accounted for separately, and any expenses incurred likewise, and a statement of income and
expenses will be supplied to contributors at appropriate points in time, but no less than annually.
Note that the UK Shareholders Association (UKSA) is a “not for profit” company limited by guarantee
– see www.uksa.org.uk/About.htm for more information. The Northern Rock Shareholders Action
Group is a group operating under the constitution of UKSA.

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