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CRUCELL : ‘starting point’

27 sept. 201010:04

Investors want more answers over Crucell bid

Monday 27 September 2010

Investors in Dutch biotech firm Crucell want more answers about the €24.75 a share offer made for the company by Johnson & Johnson earlier this month.
Shareholders lobby group VEB has written to Crucell asking the Leidn-based firm to explain why it is so keen to acceptf the J&J offer.

In particular, the VEB wants more details about the opening offer and to know why both Crucell boards are so enthusiastic.

While the all cash offer represents a consider
able premium on the Crucell’s share price prior to the offer, it remains out of line with previous management forecasts, the VEB said.

Meanwhile, news agency Reuters reports that a number of shareholders in Crucell have said they see the offer as a ‘starting point’.

‘It is an interesting starting offer,’ Henk Grootveld from investment house Robeco told Reuters. Robeco Hollands Bezit has a 1.5% stake in Crucell.

Delta Lloyd Asset Management head of equity Jack Jonk told Reuters Delta Lloyd had not yet decided to tender its shares and believed Crucell is undervalued. Delta Lloyd has a 4% stake in the Dutch firm.

The Van Herk group, which has just over 10% of Crucell, has criticised the offer as being ‘meagre and too early’, Reuters said.

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