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La Barben projects: adverse ruling regarding building permits
information fournie par Boursorama16/02/2012 à 12:50

On February 14, the administrative court of Marseille suspended building permits for eight 12MW photovoltaic solar power plants that VOLTALIA has been developing since 2008 for itself and on behalf of its partners. Currently in the process of being cleared, the site is located in the town of La Barben, in France's Bouches-du-Rhône department.

The court, which delivered its ruling of the summary proceedings, dismissed 28 of the 29 arguments raised in the motion for summary judgment. Notably, it rejected 100% of the requests concerning the Environment, confirming that photovoltaic power plants were not harming the fauna and flora.

However, the court found an irregularity regarding the municipality's December 2009 motion to change the land use plan (POS). The construction of photovoltaic power plants is therefore interrupted.

VOLTALIA disagrees with the injunction decision of the court and plans to present its case in the near future ruling on the merits.

About Voltalia

A producer of electricity based on renewable energies, Voltalia both develops and operates hydraulic, wind‐powered, biomass and solar energy projects. Voltalia is present in France, Guyana, Brazil and Greece. Voltalia has been listed with Euronext Paris (its Marché Libre compartment) since May 2006(FR000302224‐MLVLT).


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