VALTECH : Rise in the 2015 financial objectives

  • Turnover growth higher than 13% (except acquisitions)

  • Adjusted EBITDA margin greater than 7.5% (except acquisitions)

Paris (France) 29th June 2015 –Valtech SE [Euronext Paris: FR0011505163 - LTE], the first independent European agency in digital and technology marketing, achieved a very dynamic first half of 2015, which contrasts with the sluggish development of the IT market (+ 1.8% in France and about 3% in Europe - Source: Syntec Numérique and IDC) and, to a lesser extent, the marketing and advertising markets (zero in France and +4.5% in Europe - Source: Carat).

Buoyed with this excellent first half of the year, Valtech has raised its annual financial objectives for FY 2015 :

  • Turnover growth higher than 13% (except acquisitions), against 9% initially, and
  • Adjusted (1) EBITDA margin greater than 7.5% (except acquisitions), against 7% to 7.5% initially.


Sebastian Lombardo, Valtech's CEO, said:

"Despite the very unstable economic and financial environment and growth that is proving difficult to restart in Europe, Valtech had a perfect start to the year 2015. In the first quarter, the group delivered a strong increase in revenue of 21%, with sustained organic growth of over 18%. The second quarter, for which we will publish the detailed figures on July 16, follows the same trend, particularly in Northern Europe and the United States, engines of growth for the group and major contributors to Valtech's margin.

Quarter after quarter, the group has conquered market share from new global customers, and is reaping the fruits of its positioning as a ‘full service' agency, at the confluence of the marketing and technology worlds. Through its global positioning (USA - Europe - Asia / Pacific) and the transformations conducted in recent years, Valtech is now demonstrating greater agility to capture growth pockets of the market. We can thus continue to offer our shareholders a very strong growth of our business, more diversified in geographic and monetary terms, and increasingly profitable.

We are particularly optimistic about exceeding our initial targets, and are raising our expectations of growth and profitability for 2015. Regarding the adjusted EBITDA margin, we will specify a new target during the publication of our half-yearly results for 2015, at the end of August.”


  • Annual general meeting : Tuesday 30 June 2015, at 10 am

  • Investor Day : Thursday 2 July 2015, from 8.30 am

  • 2Q 2015 Turnover : Thursday 16 July 2015

  • Half-yearly results 2015 : Monday 31 August 2015

  • 3Q 2015 Turnover : Wednesday 21 October 2015

All publications will happen after the closure of the Euronext markets.


Valtech [Euronext Paris: FR0011505163 - LTE] is a digital marketing agency, pioneer in technology with a presence in 10 countries (France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, United States, India, Australia, Singapour and Switzerland) and approximately 1500 employees. As a "digital full service" player, Valtech knows how to add value to its customers at all stages of a digital project: strategy consulting, design, graphic design, development and optimization of business-critical digital platforms. Thanks to its recognized commitment to innovation and agility, Valtech helps brands to develop and grow their business with web technologies while optimizing time to market and return on investment (ROI).

Mr Sebastian Lombardo
ACTUS – Nicolas Bouchez
 +33 1 53 67 36 74

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