VALTECH : Report of the annual general meeting of 30 june 2015


Transfer of the registered office to Luxembourg - approval by the shareholders


Paris (France) 30 June 2015 – Valtech SE [Euronext Paris: FR0011505163 - LTE], the first independent European agency in digital and technology marketing, brought together its shareholders at the combined general meeting today, chaired by Sebastian Lombardo and attended by the Statutory Auditors.

The shareholders notably approved the annual and consolidated financial statements for FY 2014 ending 31 December 2014, and the proposal for appropriation of results to the ‘Retained earnings' position, which was proposed to them.

During the extraordinary meeting, they also approved the resolution on the transfer of Valtech SE's headquarters to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This project is a continuation of the company's European development, initiated through the company's transformation into a European Company (Societas Europaea, SE) in 2014. The transfer of the headquarters to Luxembourg aims to give the group a more stable legal and social framework and a more neutral international image, more compatible with the group's desire to be a global player in digital and technology marketing. This transfer will have no impact on the group's listing or its operations.

All the resolutions arising therefrom have also been adopted, to comply with Luxembourg law. The General Meeting has also renewed the mandate of the entire Board of Directors of Valtech from the day the group would be governed by Luxembourg law:

  • Mr Sebastian Lombardo, Chairman of the board of directors ;
  • Mr Frédéric de Mévius, director ;
  • Mr Daniel Grossmann, director representing Next Consulting ;
  • Mr Laurent Schwarz, director representing Astove.


The detailed results of votes for each resolution will be posted online, within the time prescribed by law, on Valtech's website (, ‘Investors' tab, ‘General Meetings' section.


Valtech [Euronext Paris: FR0011505163 - LTE] is a digital marketing agency, pioneer in technology with a presence in 10 countries (France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, United States, India, Australia, Singapour and Switzerland) and approximately 1500 employees. As a "digital full service" player, Valtech knows how to add value to its customers at all stages of a digital project: strategy consulting, design, graphic design, development and optimization of business-critical digital platforms. Thanks to its recognized commitment to innovation and agility, Valtech helps brands to develop and grow their business with web technologies while optimizing time to market and return on investment (ROI).

Mr Sebastian Lombardo
ACTUS – Nicolas Bouchez
 +33 1 53 67 36 74

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