THEOLIA : THEOLIA reports record 2007 sales


THEOLIA Group, a leading European wind energy company, announced today record consolidated 2007 sales of ¤306 million, an increase of 350% over 2006.

THEOLIA achieved this milestone by strongly growing its electricity sales and its sales of wind farms to third parties.

As of 31 December 2007, wind farms under the Group's operation (both for its own account and for third parties) reached a total installed capacity of 630 megawatts (MW), an increase of 408 MW from the prior year. This rapid growth helps THEOLIA meet its target of an installed operating capacity of 2,000 MW by the end of 2011.

The increase in sales stemmed from the commercial operation of wind farms that THEOLIA fully developed, the integration of the Group's German subsidiary (Natenco), as well as the production of electricity from wind farms contributed by GE Energy Financial Services, representing an installed capacity of 165 MW. In 2007, THEOLIA benefited from the first full year consolidation of Natenco and a half year of GE Energy Financial Services' contribution.

In THEOLIA's core markets, France and Germany, the Group recorded sales of ¤299 million, more than quadrupling from 2006.

THEOLIA further strengthened its European footprint by acquiring a leading Italian wind developer, Maestrale Green Energy, with a pipeline of 500 MW.

In 2007, THEOLIA created a vehicle dedicated to emerging markets, the Morocco-based Theolia Emerging Markets (TEM) Building this vehicle, at the beginning of January 2008, THEOLIA finalised the acquisition of an operating wind farm of 50 MW - with an expansion plan - near Tangiers (Morocco).

Jean-Marie Santander, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of THEOLIA, said: "Our achievements in 2007, combined with the longer legacy of our activities, have set the stage for continued growth in 2008 and beyond. Our successful strategy is based on developing and operating wind farms, a portion of which we sell to cover capital costs of additional development, as well as strengthening our presence in Europe and positioning the company for growth opportunities in emerging countries."

To fund its expansion, THEOLIA issued a convertible bond of ¤240 million in November 2007. The offering was four times oversubscribed, confirming investor confidence in THEOLIA.

The production of electricity from wind farms under THEOLIA's operation meets the needs of approximately 370,000 households, contributing to the European Union's target of a 20% share of renewable energy sources in energy consumption by 2020.
On a yearly basis, the production of electricity of THEOLIA's 630MW under operation avoids 1.1 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

THEOLIA financial highlights

Sales breakdown by business segment

(¤ 000)
4th quarter 2007 %
Full year
December 31, 2007
Wind energy        
Electricity sales 18 836 591% 53 911 1553%
Sales of turnkey 186 160 263% 218 423 311%
Non wind 18 007 232% 34 147 187%
Group total 223 004 275% 306 481 349%

Sales breakdown by geographic zone

(¤ 000)
4th quarter
Full year
December 31, 2007
France 16 687 249% 35 920 215%
Germany 206 227 301% 263 147 411%
Rest of the world 90 -97% 7 413 39%
Group total 223 004 275% 306 481 349%

Audited figures

2007 financial results will be published on April 14, 2008.

THEOLIA is a leading European electricity producer from renewable energy. The Group operates in France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy and, via its subsidiary Theolia Emerging Markets, in a range of emerging markets including India, Brazil, some of Eastern Europe and Morocco.
THEOLIA is quoted on section B of Euronext Paris, under the mnemonic TEO.  The shares have been on the SBF 120 Index since 24 September 2007 and on the NEXT 150 Index since 2 January 2008.

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