THEOLIA : THEOLIA announces new wind farm in Normandy


THEOLIA and its subsidiary VENTURA annouced today the official launch of their 'Sablons' wind farm in Normandy. The wind farm has an output of 10MW.

This 10 MW wind farm has been fully developed by THEOLIA

The 'Sablons' wind farm in Normandy, France consists of 5 turbines arranged in an arc with a total output of 10 MW. The site was chosen for its favourable conditions, on a wide strip of agricultural land far from any housing and near the Falaise business park. Studies carried out since 2003 on wind velocity and reliability have confirmed the suitability of the area.

The 'Sablons' wind farm, owned by THEOLIA, has been developed and built by its subsidiary VENTURA, which will also operate it. The five turbines are MM82 REpower turbines, producing 2 MW each. The total height of each turbine is 121m to the top of the blade, with the axis 80 meters off the ground and the diameter of the blades 82 meters.

The provisional annual output will be around 21 million KWh, which will serve 6,400 individuals' electricity consumption, including heating, or 9,650 individuals without heating. This output from the wind farm will avoid 17,400 tonnes of C02 emissions a year.

The project has strong local backing

The development and operation of the wind farm has been a long term project. VENTURA started carrying out feasibility studies on the site in 2001 in collaboration with the local authority, the community and local experts.
The application was filed in February 2004 and granted in June 2005 following a public enquiry. Construction began in August 2006. 

This project would not have been possible without the strong support of local politicians, farmers, land-owners, the community and interest groups.

Jean-Marie Santander, CEO of THEOLIA said: "The Sablons wind farm is a great example of THEOLIA's expertise in action. THEOLIA has been involved in every stage of this project. The successful launch and operation of this new wind farm demonstrates THEOLIA's capacity for organic growth as well as external growth. It confirms THEOLIA's reputation as a leading global player in renewable energy."

THEOLIA is active in three wind power sectors

Development and turnkey construction
THEOLIA researches sites, enters into agreements with landowners, studies the wind force and direction for between 12 and 18 months, obtains building permits, selects the ideal turbines, prepares and signs the building and supply contracts and manages the construction work up until handover.

Construction, sale to third parties and operation
Theolia researches operations with building permits (or from its development portfolio), selects the turbines, prepares and signs the building and supply contracts, takes delivery of the wind farms, sells them to private or professional third parties and operates them on behalf of its clients.

Construction and operation of fully owned power plants
Theolia researches operations with building permits (or from its development portfolio), optimises the choice of turbines, prepares and signs the building and supply contracts, takes delivery of the wind farms and operates them on its own account.

THEOLIA Group's wind energy portfolio as at 1 November 2007

In operation for own account 289 MW
In operation for third parties 177 MW
Under construction 205 MW
Building permits obtained 124 MW
Building permits pending 665 MW
Under development (final phase) 790 MW
Under development (initial phase) 243 MW
In process of acquisition 402 MW


THEOLIA is a leading European independent electricity producer from renewable energy. THEOLIA's activity spans development, construction and operation of wind farms. THEOLIA operates in Europe and a number of emerging markets.THEOLIA is listed on Eurolist B by Euronext Paris under the mnemonic TEO. The stock is a component of the SBF 120 index, having progressed from the 'Marché Libre' to the SBF 120 in less than 15 months.

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