THEOLIA : THEOLIA announces it strong growth of its second quarter net revenues

Q2 2007 SALES:
¤ thousands Sales of electricity from wind power Sales to third parties (construction/sale) Non-wind power activities Total consol.
Q1 2007 13,884 119 3,147 17,149
Q1 2006 39 0 422 461
Q2 2007 8,402 15,938 4,798 29,138
Q2 2006 1,433 0 548 1,980
Total consolidated 30 June 2007 22,285 16,057 7,945 46,287

Sales of electricity from wind power : ¤8,402,000

This business line comprises electricity produced from wind farms owned under the company's own name or managed for third parties.

Looking at the sale of electricity produced from wind farms at equivalent capacity, the change in sales between the first two quarters of 2007 is due to the seasonal nature of this kind of energy production.

Sales to third parties (construction/sale) : ¤15,938,000

Construction/sales activities within the wind farm sector saw strong growth in the first quarter of 2007, thanks in particular to sales generated by Natenco GmbH in Germany.

Sales came to ¤16 million, corresponding to the sale of a number of wind farms representing total capacity of 9.5 MW.

To 30 June 2007, THEOLIA recorded the construction of several wind farms representing a total of 146 MW, which are at different stages of completion. For the time being, the group has decided to maintain the accounting method for sales used by Natenco GmbH prior to its acquisition in December 2006.

The company did not generate any sales relating to wind farms under construction (146 MW).

Non-wind power activities : ¤4,798,000

This business line comprises non-wind energy production. Outside France, these activities are combined within the subsidiary THENERGO. On 14 June 2007, THEOLIA decided to list THENERGO on ALTERNEXT Paris, thereby reducing its stake from 91% to 35%. Sales are therefore recognised up to this date and thereafter recognised under the equity method.

Finally, all of the group's non-wind energy activities in France will be combined within THENERGO. Pursuant to IFRS 5 (assets held for sale), the first quarters of 2006 and 2007 and the second quarter of 2006 have been adjusted accordingly.

¤ thousands France Germany Rest of the World Total consolidated
Q1 2007 1,780 12,223 3,147 17,149
Q1 2006 461 0 0 461
Q2 2007 1,873 23,287 3,978 29,138
Q2 2006 1,433 0 548 1,980
Total consolidated 30 June 2007 3,653 35,509 7,125 46,287

Sales generated in France and Germany relate solely to wind farm activities.

The remainder relates to other activities developed by Thenergo until the second quarter of 2007.

THEOLIA is a leading independent developer of wind farms in Europe. The acquisition of GE Energy Financial Services' wind farms has enabled THEOLIA to increase its installed capacity from 88MW to 253MW. THEOLIA's activities cover the development, construction and management of wind farms. The Group is present in France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Eastern Europe, India and Brazil. THEOLIA is listed on Euronext Paris (Eurolist B) under the code TEO.

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Société anonyme à Conseil d'Administration Registered capital of ¤38,235,117
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THEOLIA is listed on Eurolist B by Euronext Paris code Mnemo: TEO


Listed on Eurolist B by Euronext Paris
Mnemo code: TEO
Bloomberg code: TEO: FP
Reuters code: TEO.PA
ISIN code: FR0000184814

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