THEOLIA : Inauguration of a solar park developed by the THEOLIA Group


THEOLIA and its subsidiary NATENCO announce the official inauguration of the Merzig-Fitten photovoltaic power plant in the Saarland region of Germany.

A photovoltaic power plant entirely developed by the THEOLIA Group

The Fitten photovoltaic power plant, with total output of 3 MW, was developed and constructed in eight months by NATENCO, a subsidiary of THEOLIA, on an area of about 6.5 hectares of which 3.75 hectares belong to the EVS company and 2.75 hectares to the town of Merzig. It is the first solar park in the district of Merzig-Wadern and the second-largest photovoltaic park in Saarland.

The installation consists of 1,435 frames (chassis) supporting 17,220 solar panels with total output of 2.9 MWp, yielding an estimated 3 million KWh per year. Connecting the photovoltaic installation to the grid enables power to be supplied to around 800 four-person households. Operation of the photovoltaic installation actively contributes to the protection of the environment, saving about 3,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

This power plant, which was sold after its construction by THEOLIA (and included in the 2007 financial statements), has been in operation since December 2007.

Jean-Marie Santander, Chairman and CEO of THEOLIA: "As renewable energy specialists with the focus on wind power, our developers have now demonstrated their expertise in the construction of a solar park in Germany, a country that is heavily committed to renewable energy. Another success story! I am convinced of the potential for developing this technology, particularly in emerging countries. This achievement is the THEOLIA Group's first step towards solar power and illustrates our ability to move into this area."

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