TERREIS : Implementation of a liquidity agreement for new shares


From 21 February 2011 and until their assimilation with existing shares, TERREà S has appointed Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux to implement a liquidity agreement for TERREà S new shares (ISIN FR0010989871) in accordance with the code of practice of the French Financial Markets Association (AMAFI), approved by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) with its decision of 1 October 2008.

To implement this agreement, an amount of â 100,000 has been transferred from the liquidity agreement on existing shares and allocated to the liquidity account.

Next publication: annual results on 23 March 2011

Contact: Emmanuel Pineau, Deputy Managing Director Ovalto Investissement
Tel: 01 82 00 95 01

About Terreïs (www.terreis.fr)
Terreïs is a property company whose assets consist of small- and medium-sized office premises as well as the bricks and mortar of retail property located mainly in city centres, Paris and the main regional urban centres in France. Terreïs has been listed on the regulated NYSE Euronext market in Paris, compartment C, since December 2006, and opted for the status of listed property investment company (SIIC) from 1 January 2007. Its stock has been included in the SBF 250 reference index since September 2010.

ISIN: FR0010407049 - Ticker symbol: TER

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