RELAXNEWS : AFP and Relaxnews are launching AFP-Relaxnews service in Brazil to bolster their world leadership in leisure news


AFP and Relaxnews, which already offer their AFP-Relaxnews service in English and in French, are launching the service in Brazil on June 26 in Brazil.

The Brazilian version of AFP-Relaxnews, produced by a team located in Sao Paulo, will include content translated from the global AFP-Relaxnews service, as well as AFP content from its Brazil wire written in Portuguese. The service will be accessible at

Created in 2009, the AFP-Relaxnews wire has become the leading multimedia leisure news service worldwide. As in the rest of the world, leisure plays an increasingly important role in Brazil. This trend has resulted in greater demand from media and brands for leisure news.

Sold in the form of subscriptions to media, websites, and corporations, and delivered to clients via different methods, the AFP-Relaxnews service includes the following types of content:

. dispatches
. slide shows
. videos
. special reports
. theme channels: women's interests, celebrity news, luxury goods, etc.

There are around 1,800 multimedia releases per month.

Brazil was an obvious choice for AFP and Relaxnews:

. strategically: a country known for the art of living well, Brazil has an increasing global influence and will expand even more thanks to the upcoming major sporting events to be held there.

. financially: Brazil is one of the world's content drivers with powerful traditional media and a strong ramp up of digital offerings, for media as well as brands, which need to keep more and more track of what is happening on the leisure segment,
. editorially: Brazil is the source of numerous trends and events with global impact.

With more than 200 clients around the globe already, AFP-Relaxnews aims to add another 20 clients in Brazil in 2013 and 50 more in 2014.

According to AFP chairman and CEO Emmanuel Hoog, "with this new offer, AFP is continuing its development in Brazil and bolstering its position as a leading international agency, as it rounds out a wide range of products and services catering to the Brazilian market: text, photo, multimedia, infographics, video and sports web applications."

According to the CO-CEOs of Relaxnews, Jérôme and Pierre Doncieux "The launch of AFP Relaxnews in Brazil is another sign of our shared ambition to bolster our global leadership in leisure news."

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