PRISMAFLEX INTERNATIONAL : Fiscal year 2006/2007 3rd Quarter Sales: 13 Euro Million

Annual Sales forecasts revised upwards: 49 M¤
Operating margin target between 9 & 9.5%

Consolidated Sales 9 months (April 1st - December 31st)

(estimated) 2006/2007 2005/2006 Variation
Printing 16.18 15.08 + 7.3 %
Hardware 19.16 14.46 + 32.5 %
Total 9 months 35.34 29.54 + 19.6 %

With constant currencies, 9-month sales would have amounted to 35.5 M¤ (+20.2%).

For the 3rd Quarter, Group Sales reached an historical level at 12.97 M¤, against           10.40 M¤ last year (+25%).

Over 9 months all group divisions are increasing

Printing business grows by more than 1 M¤. Publicity campaigns towards outdoor advertisers increase by 3% at 8.3 M¤. Excluding home décor, remaining printing sales amount to 6.1 M¤ (+16%) with steady growth on the event market in France on year end.
Home Decor sales on Q3 reach 1.29 M¤ supported by a new 10 M¤ contract signed on December 06 to be delivered over 2 years. Over 9 months sales are at 2.96 M¤ (+3%) catching up with the -16.4% decrease on the first 6-month period.
Hardware business grows by 4.70 M¤ (+32.5%) at 19.16 M¤. The Street Furniture division increases its internal growth with sales at 3.97 M¤ over 9 months (against           2.1 M¤ for the first 6 months). Trivision sales amount to 8.3 M¤ at +8%. Static frames are stable at 3.34 M¤, when scrolling signs are maintaining their fast growth                  (1.75 M¤, +152%).

Upwards change in annual Sales forecasts

With the good Sales trends since the beginning of the year and with a still strong order backlog, Prismaflex International decided to increase its annual Sales forecast.

For 2006/2007, group Sales should amount to around 49 M¤ (against 44 M¤ previously released), a growth of 17%. The growth of operating profit should be faster than the sales one, with an operating margin estimated between 9 and 9.5%.

Talks concerning the selling process of the 37% shareholding in Vistamount Ltd

Since October 2003, Prismaflex International has owned a minority control in Vistamount Ltd. Based in London, and operating in services for the Outdoor Advertising Industry (maintenance & installation). These shares have been consolidated with the equity method since Prismaflex has turned to IFRS accounting standards. 

Vistamount Ltd wishes to focus more on its key activities; both managements have started discussions to sell the 37% owned by Prismaflex International. Subject to the formal authorisation of Prismaflex International board of Directors and subject to that the closing goes to its term, this transfer will generate a loss of 0.6 M¤ on the group net result, without impacting the gearing ratio.

Outdoor advertising solutions manufacturer and digital printer
ISIN: FR0004044600-PRS  - Reuters: PRS.PA - Bloomberg: PRS FP
Eurolist by Euronext Paris - Compartiment C

 Contacts :

Vincent Bès / Chief Financial Officer - Tel: + 33 4 74 70 68 00 -
Amalia Naveira - Analysts / Investors Relations - Tel: +33 (0)4 72 18 04 92 -
Marie-Claude Triquet - Journalist Relations- Tel: +33 (0)4 72 18 04 93 -

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