PRISMAFLEX INTERNATIONAL : 2008/2009 financial year - Annual sales figures: 52.92 M Euros - Sharp fall in Hardware activity


Significant points for the year:

Printing activity stands strong despite a difficult context Strong impact of foreign exchange rates over the period Hardware activity hard hit during fourth quarter Prismaflex Street Furniture subsidiary reorganization finalized Setting up of a plan to reduce fixed costs

Annual Consolidated Sales Figures (1st April 2008 - 31st March 2009)

En M¤ 2008/2009 2007/2008 Var. M¤ Var. %
Printing activity 24,37 26,39 -2,02 -7,6%
Hardware activity 28,55 35,73 -7,18 -20,1%
Total 12 months 52,92 62,12 - 9,2 -14,8%
Total (constant currencies) 55,55 62,12 -6,57 -10,6%

Excluding foreign currency fluctuations, Printing activity stands at -2.8% and Hardware at -16.3%. Excluding LED signs, global activity for 2008/2009 is at 52.34 M€ against 59.88 M€ the previous year, down 12.6%.

The trend of the 3rd quarter was intensified over the 4th quarter. Hardware activity, with a demanding base (LED sales), is down on the 2nd semester by 36.8% (-34.9% at constant currency) and Printing by 6.7% (-2.4% at constant currency).

For the year:

Printing (excluding Home Décor) at 18.6 M¤, is down around 9% mainly due to foreign exchange movements and a particularly difficult context in Spain and England.

Home Décor activity withstand, confirming the decision to support and develop the activity. Sales represent 9.6 M¤ against 9.9 M¤ the previous year which benefitted from the launch and sale of new products.

Hardware activity (excluding Home Décor) stands at 24.7 M¤, down 22% on the previous year, with a strong fall in the third quarter.
Trivision sales at 8.1 M¤ are down 31%. In accordance with the recovery plan, Street Furniture sales drop 33% to 4.4 M¤. Advertising signs are up by around 3.7% at 11.7 M¤.

Trends for 2008/2009 & outlook

The reorganization of the Street furniture activity is now complete but will continue to weigh on results - an operating loss of approximately 1.4 M¤. This loss, and fall in activity over the 4th quarter, will clearly impact 2008/2009 operating results, even if they remain positive.

On March 31st, 2009, the order backlog, principally made-up of Hardware orders, represent 4.3 M¤, against 7.5 M¤ on March 31st, 2008.

1 Excluding possible goodwill amortization

To reduce breakeven point by at least 3.5 M¤ and to see the current crisis through, while at the same time remaining competitive, the group is stepping up its measures to adapt to the current situation - freeze or postponing of all client-based hardware investments.

A Plan to reduce group fixed costs has been laid out and includes:

the reorganization of services and reduction of the workforce, the renegotiation of service-offer related contracts, the shelving of projects with a too long-term profit potential. On the other hand, the development of economic and innovative printing solutions such as the "GRAPH'IT" range, a new generation of glue-free signs, remains a priority for the group in the mid-term.

Next press release: 2008/2009 annual figures, June 23rd, 2009, after closure.

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