ORCO PROPERTY GROUP; Trading of Orco Property Group shares (ISIN: LU0122624777)


Paris, October 13, 2010 – Trading of Orco Property Group shares (ISIN: LU0122624777) was halted on NYSE Euronext Paris due to a technical problem.

Pursuant to the explanation received from NYSE Euronext, trading of Orco Property Group shares was halted due to a technical issue. The public data pertaining to the Orco Property Group stock was sent to the market through the wrong public channel. As such, not all members were able see the Orco Property Group order book and some of them were not able to send orders.

According to NYSE Euronext “The problem is identified on our side and will be solved tomorrow. To ensure a fair and orderly market, NYSE Euronext decided to suspend the trading today. The trading will resume tomorrow.”

Trading was not halted on the Prague Stock Exchange, Warsaw Stock Exchange and Budapest Stock Exchange.

Contact person:

Nicolas Tommasini, ntommasini@orcogroup.com or www.orcogroup.com

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