Orco Property Group : Results of the general meeting held on August 12, 2009 of holders



On August 12, 2009, a general meeting of the holders of the convertible bonds ISIN code: XS0223586420 (the Bondholders 2012) issued by the Company in relation to the issue on December 6, 2005 of

€ 24,169,193.39 5.5 per cent Convertible Bonds due 2012 has been held at the registered office of the Company. The Bondholders 2012 voted unanimously the appointment with immediate effect of Me Benoît Diouf, member of the Luxemburg Bar as the representatives of the body of Bondholders.

In connection with the safeguard proceedings (procédure de sauvegarde) started by the Paris Commercial Court on March 25, 2009 and published in BODACC (French official bulletin for civil and commercial announcements) on April 22, 2009, bondholders who are not resident of mainland France have until August 22, 2009 to file their claims.

It is hereby specified that bondholders must file their claims directly with the creditors’ representative or, if permitted under applicable legal or contractual provisions, through the representative of the bondholders'


Bondholders can find on Orco’s website a dedicated information platform:

http://www.orcogroup.com/en/shareholders-corner/messageforbondh, and send an email to the dedicated address bondholders@orcogroup.com, in order to directly contact our staff and Maître Valérie Leloup Thomas, the creditors’ representative appointed by the Paris Commercial Court. Holders of the convertible bonds 2012 can also contact Maître Benoît Diouf:


For additional information please visit: www.orcogroup.com

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