OPG: Major Shareholding Notification


Press Release

Paris 16 January  2013


Orco Property Group Major Shareholding Notification

Orco Property Group S.A. (“OPG”) has been notified by Mr. Jean-François Ott, President and CEO of OPG, that on 10 and 11 January 2013, an entity of which he is the beneficial owner, Stationway Properties Limited, acquired 9,088,715 OPG shares, representing 8.43% of OPG’s total share capital and voting rights.    

In addition to Mr. Ott’s previous holdings in OPG, this brings his stake in the company to a total of 9,630,007 shares, representing 8.93% of OPG’s total share capital and voting rights. 

OPG was also informed on 15 January 2013 by Maple Leaf Macro Volatility Master Fund that their shareholding in OPG decreased below the 2.5% threshold.

For more information, visit our website on www.orcogroup.com

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