Lyon, 17 July 2012

In three decisions handed down on 5 July, the Lyon Administrative Court rejected the complaints filed by Messrs Bergeret, Bertin and Murard against the decree of 23 May 2011. In this decree, the Health and Sports Minister had added Olympique Lyonnais' new stadium project to the list of stadiums declared to be in the public interest.

The Court found that Messrs Bertin and Murard had not proved they had a reason for acting against the above-mentioned decision and that their complaints were consequently not admissible.

Concerning the complaint of Mr Bergeret, the Court set aside all of the claims he put forward, ruling that there was no procedural error in the Minister's decision. 

Olympique Lyonnais welcomes these decisions, which validate the addition of OL's new stadium's to the list of "public interest" sporting facilities.

This is good news for the Stade des Lumières project. Central to the Euro 2016, OL's new stadium is now a very strong candidate for the opening match of the tournament.

It is also excellent news for employment in the Lyon region, because the new stadium project will create 1,500 new jobs in the building sector during the construction phase and 1,000 permanent jobs when the stadium becomes operational.

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