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Lyon , 6 May 2009

As in the half year to 31 December 2008, revenue for the first 9 months were still characterised by:

Growth in ticketing and partnership-advertising revenue despite a deteriorating economic environment and consumer gloom influencing trends in brand-related revenue; Lower level of player trading than last season but in line with plans drawn up at the start of the season; Sporting results equivalent to those at 31 March 2008 with OL in first place in French Ligue 1 and qualified for the first knock-out round of the Champions League.

Revenue from businesses (1 July 2008 to 31 March 2009)

In ¤ m 9 months 2008/09* 9 months 2007/08 Change
¤ m
% change
Ticketing 19.0  18.9 +0.1 +0.5%
Partnerships - Advertising 16.5 16.4 +0.1 +0.6%
Media rights 60.9 64.1 -3.2 -5.0%
Brand-related revenue 23.1 28.0 -4.9 -17.5%
Revenue from businesses, excluding player trading 119.5 127.4 -7.9 -6.2%
Revenue from sale of player registrations 14.4 35.7 -21.3 -59.7%
Total revenue from businesses 133.9 163.1 -29.2 -17.9%

*  figures are preliminary, estimated and unaudited

Despite this challenging environment, the level of revenue from businesses excluding player registrations remains solid, as is shown by trends over four years.

In ¤ m 9 months 2008/09* 9 months 2007/08 9 months 2007/08 9 months 2005/06
Revenue from businesses, excluding player trading 119.5 127.4 112.1 108.0

* figures are preliminary, estimated and unaudited

Trends in businesses varied depending on the product lines:

Growth in ticketing benefited from supporter loyalty and was ¤19.0 million higher than last year's record level despite one less French Ligue 1 game being played. Revenue from partnerships and advertising was maintained at a high level and totalled ¤16.5 million as a result of new contracts signed and the smooth operation of existing contacts, despite the challenging economic environment. A third-place standing in the French Ligue 1 would have had an adverse impact of ¤0.6 million on partnership and advertising revenue over the 9 months. Media rights revenue (LFP, FFF, UEFA) totalling ¤60.9 million declined, at constant year-on-year sporting results (first in French Ligue 1 and reaching the first knock-out round in the Champions League), because three French clubs participated in the UEFA Champions League compared to two last season, with Olympique Lyonnais being the only one to reach the knock-out stages. A third-place standing in the French Ligue 1 would have had an adverse impact on media rights revenue of an estimated ¤3.3 million over the 9 months. Brand-related revenue at ¤23.1 million included a signing fee of ¤7 million with Sportfive (Groupe Lagardère Sports), an amount that was identical last year. It did not benefit, as it did in 2007/08, from OL's victory in the Peace Cup, held every two years,for which it received prize money of ¤1.8 million. Modifications in the consolidation (outsourcing of catering, discontinuance of the brasserie business, etc.) also accounted for over ¤1 million of the variance under this heading. Finally, consumer gloom meant other brand related-revenue was down by ¤1.8 million, or -7%. Revenue from player trading of ¤14.4 million included, as for the half year, proceeds from the transfers of Coupet, Squillaci and Baros, as well as the earn-outs.

Sporting results to date

Olympique Lyonnais are currently in third place in French Ligue 1, seven points behind OM, the leaders, and Bordeaux, in second place.

The OL reserves (CFA) team is currently in second place in the professional reserve league, two points behind Montpellier, against whom it must play to qualify for the semi-finals of the French championship.

The U18 team is at the top of its group and assured of qualification for the final stages of the French championship.

The U16 team is also at the top of its group, three points ahead of Auxerre, and well placed to qualify for the semi-final stages of the French championship.

The women's team, knocked out by Montpellier in the semi-finals of the Challenge de France, are currently atop the French championship with a seven-point lead over Montpellier and three matchdays to go.

OL Groupe strategy recognised by sports professionals

On 29 April 2009, David Douillet handed the prize for the Sports Business Person of the last 10 years ("Personnalité du Sport Business de la Décennie 1998-2008") to the Chairman of Olympique Lyonnais.

Sponsored by TNS Sport and NZ Consulting, this prize is awarded in recognition of a winning entrepreneurial strategy over the period of a decade to a person who has made a particularly significant contribution to the economic development of French professional sports.

Two thousand sports professionals (federations, clubs, media, sponsors, agencies, etc.) chose Jean-Michel Aulas out of a field of 15 candidates.

Outlook and objectives

OL Groupe is scheduled to participate in two important international events.

The first is the fourth Peace Cup which will take place this summer in Spain and will bring together for the first time 12 teams, including seven that participated in this season's Champions League: Real Madrid, Seville, Juventus, Porto, Fenerbahce, Celtic and Olympique Lyonnais.

The second is that OL has joined Superleague Formula, a world motor racing championship, in which single-seater cars race in colours of football clubs from all over the world.

OL Groupe is using its strong international brand name to pursue initiatives aimed at licensing and the sale of its know-how in football training.

In the sponsorship area the Accor Group, after a three-year partnership, will not be extending its contract with OL for future seasons. The search for new, diversified partnerships is underway. Further announcements should be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

Concerning player trading, the summer transfer window will open on 9 June and close on 31 August 2009. The club is already contemplating a number of transfers at the end of season. The overall amount of player trading should be lower than last year given the global economic situation. As the summer transfer window straddles two financial years, trading activity should be analysed over the two seasons.

As regards the OL Land project, subsequent to the Besson and Seguin reports and the perspective of France's candidature for Euro 2016, the proposed sports law (loi Laporte) is set to grant "general interest equipment" status to sports and related infrastructure and should be voted on in the first half of 2009.

Finally, OL Groupe wishes to emphasise that it has significant human and financial resources and a sound financial structure, with high cash balances, which allow it to manage its short and medium term economic and sporting development projects calmly and resolutely.

According to Forbes magazine's ranking of the world's most valuable clubs, OL is in first place for French clubs and 12th place in the overall ranking with a valuation of $423 million, or around ¤325 million.

According to an IPSOS survey commissioned by the LFP, the spontaneous awareness rating for Olympique Lyonnais was 87%, ahead of Paris Saint-Germain and Bordeaux and behind Olympique de Marseille. The club came out on top in the ambition, dynamism, prestige and attractiveness headings.

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