Revenue excl. player trading held up well: ¤105.2m (¤109.0m in 2010/11, i.e. down 3.5%)

Player trading: ¤10.8m (¤11.5m in 2010/11)

Coupe de France 2012 victory (28 April 2012)

Lyon, 11 May 2012

Revenue for the first nine months of 2011/12

Breakdown by business segment (1 July to 31 March)

(in ¤ m) 31/03/2012* 31/03/201 % Change
Ticketing 14.8 15.6 -5.1%
Sponsoring - Advertising 18.5 16.2 +14.2%
Media and marketing rights 57.9 56.3 +2.8%
Brand-related revenue 14.0 20.9 -33.0%
Revenue excluding player trading 105.2 109.0 -3.5%
Revenue from sale of player registrations 10.8 11.5 -6.1%
Total revenue 116.0 120.5 -3.7%

* preliminary, estimated and unaudited figures

In the 3rd quarter of 2011/12, total revenue was ¤30.3 million (¤35.3 million in 2010/11).

Analysis of revenue in the first nine months of 2011/12

1. Revenue excluding player trading

Receipts from ticketing totalled ¤14.8 million, down ¤0.8 million. This decline came about essentially because OL faced lower-drawing teams in the Champions League this season. In 2010/11 the club benefited from the revenue of the round-of-16 match against Real Madrid. Sponsoring and advertising revenue totalled ¤18.5 million, rising ¤2.3 million in connection with new sponsoring agreements. These included Renault Trucks and Veolia for the men's team and GDF-Suez and Renault Trucks for the women's team. Sponsoring and advertising revenue also reflected recent partnerships related to the new stadium project. Media and marketing rights advanced 2.8% to ¤57.9 million. Domestic media rights (LFP, FFF) were ¤35.5 million, up ¤2.0 million, with OL in 4th place in Ligue 1, the same as one year earlier. This revenue reflected the club's strong performance in the Coupe de France and the Coupe de la Ligue this season. International media rights (UEFA) were stable overall at ¤22.4 million, with OL participating in the Champions League round of 16, a performance equal to that of the previous year. Brand-related revenue totalled ¤14 million, down ¤6.9 million. Last year, this category included the last ¤7 million installment of the Sportfive signing fee.

Excluding the signing fee, brand-related revenue was up 3.1%.

2. Revenue from sale of player registrations

Revenue from the sale of player registrations totalled ¤10.8 million, deriving from the transfer of Miralem Pjanic to AS Roma, plus incentives.

Financial resources bolstered by ca. ¤20 million

Through a transfer/discount transaction dated 27 March 2012, the Group has activated the carryback receivable recognised in its 30 June 2011 financial statements. OL Groupe is pleased that this new financing arrangement has been put in place for approximately ¤20 million, once again reflecting the confidence of its banking partners.

Progress on the "Stade des Lumières" project

OL Groupe reiterates that the framework agreement signed with Vinci on 26 July 2012 has been extended, in line with the initial terms, to enable the parties to negotiate and sign a definitive agreement (see press release dated 27 April 2012). 

Before earth works can begin, site access and other preliminary work must be carried out, and this is now underway. Archaeological soundings regarding exit no. 7 have also begun, with the French government as the project sponsor. In addition, Greater Lyon has begun moving the rainwater retention basins.

Sporting results to date

Men's team:

On 28 April 2012, Olympique Lyonnais won the Coupe de France, defeating US Quevilly and capturing the club's first trophy in four years. This victory qualifies OL directly for the pool stage of the Europa League and will also enable the club to play the forthcoming Trophée des Champions.

In Ligue 1 play, Olympique Lyonnais is now in 4th place.

OL played in the final of the Coupe de la Ligue on 14 April against Olympique de Marseille (0-1).

In the Champions League, OL reached the round of 16.

Women's team:

The women's team is in 2nd place in its Division 1 championship, with a match in hand, and will play the final of the UEFA Women's Champions League, for the 3rd consecutive time, against Frankfurt (Germany) on 17 May 2012 in Munich.

The team has also qualified for the final of the Coupe de France, which will be played on 13 May 2012 in Bourges against Montpellier.

The figures indicated in this document are preliminary, unaudited estimates.

Next press release: 4th quarter 2011/12 revenue on 25 July 2012, after the market close.

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