Lyon, 1 June 2011

The French government today published a decree recognising OL Groupe's project to build a new stadium and related infrastructure in Décines-Charpieu as a "public interest" sporting facility.

This is an important step in the new "Stade des Lumières" stadium project. Serving residents of all of Greater Lyon, the project has wide support and has won acclaim from local residents and decision makers alike.

The public comment period on the revised land use plan and construction permit will start in the next few days. It will run from 14 June to 18 July 2011.

In accordance with the schedule and following the call for tenders launched by Foncière de Montout for the design and construction of the new stadium, the builder is likely to be chosen in the next few weeks. In this case, the Group will be able to set the construction schedule and announce it in a press release in the near future.

Forthcoming press release: 4th quarter 2010/11 revenue on 27 July 2011, after the market close.

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