Lyon, 12 February 2013

On 12 February 2013, a Design/Build contract was signed with Vinci Construction France, assigning it construction of the new "Stade des Lumières".
The architects of the stadium are Cabinet Populous, a world leader in sporting venues and stadiums for major football competitions.

This signature represents the culmination of hard work on the part of Foncière du Montout, OL Groupe and Vinci Construction France. Out of their combined efforts a precedent-setting European stadium will emerge, dedicated to major sporting and cultural events and responding both to spectator expectations and to the hosting requirements set down by clubs and federations for major international competitions such as the Euro 2016. The Stade des Lumières is one of the candidate stadiums for the opening match and one of the semi-final matches of that tournament. 

Olympique Lyonnais reiterates that the new stadium is part of the unique strategic vision, shared by the region's local authorities, for developing the infrastructure of Lyon's eastern suburbs. It will give a fillip to employment and boost the visibility of the Rhône-Alpes region, which the region's prefect, Jean-François Carenco, is actively promoting.

Numerous, highly-successful sports stadiums (Allianz Arena in Munich, Grand Stade in Lille, Emirates Stadium in London) have already proven the validity of the Stade des Lumières' business model. Financing will include private funds, introducing a new sharing of responsibility between local authorities and private investors, optimised for the taxpayer.

The total amount of investment in the project will be around ¤400 million. The financing structure is being finalised and is expected to include 50% equity or near-equity and 50% debt.

This exemplary project will create 2,000 jobs during construction and 1,000 when the stadium is in operation. In addition, Foncière du Montout has signed a partnership agreement with the French government, Greater Lyon, the town of Décines and the UNI-EST platform to include a social integration clause into all of its private contracts. This will require that at least 5% of all hours worked be furnished by people integrating the workforce.

On 22 October 2012, Vinci Construction France and Foncière du Montout, a subsidiary of OL Groupe, began earthworks on the site so that the stadium can enter service for the 2015/16 season.

In addition, on 11 February 2013, the Greater Lyon board re-voted to authorise the sale of land to Foncière du Montout, an OL Groupe subsidiary.

This new vote complies with the 10 January 2013 decision of the Administrative Court, which specified that "the contract can remain in force, provided the Greater Lyon Community Council retroactively approves, in accordance with procedures, the unilateral sale commitment authorised under the decision of 18 April 2011."

As a result of this vote, Foncière du Montout will soon approach Greater Lyon to finalise the acquisition of land on the Montout site, using its own funds.

This initiative is the only one of its kind in France and is in line with European development. Olympique Lyonnais is proud to take part in making Lyon a true, European-level city like Barcelona, Madrid, London and Torino. Each of these has a modern stadium acting as a magnet for the region's employment, entertainment and economic aspirations.

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