NEWS INVEST : Half-year results 2008 - Sound resistance in an adverse economic environment

Consolidated data - in ¤K
at 30 June
H1 2007 H1 2008 (*) 2007
Turnover 6,334 6,285   11,117
Recalculated sales ** 5,534 5,781   9,898
Operating result
Margin on recalculated sales
Net result (before goodwill)
Margin on recalculated sales

* Kaparca Finance integrated over 3 months
** Excluding Sapin law financial advertising

News Invest, a marketing and communication group working on the Internet, finance and sustainable development markets, has announced its 2008 half-year results.

Recalculated sales up 4.5%
The News Invest group made recalculated sales over this half-year of ¤5.8m, up +4.5%, benefiting in particular from the consolidation over 3 months of Kaparca Finance. In like-for-like structural terms, the recalculated sales figure has seen a measured fall of -7%.

The group has shown sound resistance in an adverse economic and stock market climate, profiting from its diversification strategy which has been ongoing for the past 3 years. The growth recorded in the "Internet" division and the "sustainable development" division have therefore compensated for the slowdown in the "Corporate Finance" division, affected by the virtual halt of financial transactions on the stock markets over this half-year.

Operating margin of 5.7%, close to that for the 2007 financial year
The operating result for the first half-year 2008 stands at ¤330K, representing 5.7% of turnover, or a level almost identical to that of operating margin made for the whole of the 2007 financial year. The net result before goodwill comes out at ¤253K.

Net treasury: ¤1.6m at 30 June 2008
Shareholders' equity stood at ¤8.7m at 30 June 2008 after integration of Kaparca Finance. The cash flow generated and sound WCR management allowed working capital to be maintained at ¤1.6m, even after financing of the acquisition of Kaparca Finance made in June. The group now has comfortable financial leeway with a view to continuing its development.

Analysis and outlook for each division
In the Internet division, the group had a good first half-year, taking advantage of the growing success of search marketing services. In particular, the group won a sizeable contract in the first half-year for over ¤2m, a major account in Insurance, confirming the competitiveness and growth potential of Keyline on this buoyant market. The group is thus very confident in terms of continued growth in the short and medium term in this area.

In the Corporate Finance division, the group has reorganised its focus around its recurring "post introduction" activity for financial communication consulting, with over 70 customers active today, thus confirming its leader position on this market. The integration of Kaparca Finance was finalised in September and the first signs of synergy will be visible from the second half-year. Despite an ongoing difficult economic climate, this division aims to return to growth in the second half-year while remaining alert so as to benefit from the return of financial transactions as soon as the stock market climate is more favourable.

Finally, the sustainable development division has started to reap the rewards of its sales efforts and has just recorded the signing of several contracts which will contribute to an acceleration in growth expected in the second half-year.

Outlook 2008
The group should record higher growth in its recalculated sales in the second half-year and expects to make an operating result which is at least equivalent to that of the first half-year. The group confirms its growth target in its results for the financial year as a whole.

News Invest, marketing services
The News Invest Group is registered with the Euronext Paris Open Market
Reuters code: NWZIy.PA
Bloomberg code: MLNEI: FP
Stéphane Moity, Chairman of the Board
Tel. : +33 (0)1 53 67 36 50
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