NEWS INVEST : First-half 2007: operating income rises 16.44% - Ongoing growth and investment


News Invest, a marketing services firm specialising in the internet, finance and sustainable development, announces today a 16.44% increase in H1 2007 operating income to ¤595,000.

Consolidated figures
(thousands of euros)
% change
Revenues 6,334 4,246 +49.18%
Restated revenues
(excluding Sapin Law financial advertising)
5,534 3,223 +71.70%
Operating income 595 511 +16.44%
Net income (before goodwill) 501 495 +1.21%

H1 2007 combines growth and investment

The News Invest Group continued to grow in all its lines of business in first-half 2007. The growth in operating income can be attributed notably to the development of search marketing activities and another favourable product mix arising from its online marketing activities.

With the strong growth in first-half business, the Group decided to accelerate investment in human resources in its internet marketing activities as well as in consulting and public relations. In the first six months of 2007, these investments had an impact on the Group's margin, which nonetheless held at a satisfactory level of about 10%. At the same time, the Group created a solid foundation for short and medium-term deployment. With these investments contributing to earnings as of 2008, the group plans to continue developing business at a vigorous pace.

Amezis acquisition brings on board new expertise

In July 2007, the News Invest Group acquired a majority stake in Amezis, a communications consulting firm specialising in sustainable development solutions for SMEs, large businesses and public authorities. The integration of Amezis perfectly rounds out News Invest's services in a very buoyant segment offering strong synergies with the consulting and marketing activities of the rest of the Group. All listed companies on a regulated market, for example, are required to publish sustainable development reports.

Amezis will begin making a financial contribution to the Group in full-year 2008. Excluding the positive impact of Group synergies, its financial contribution is estimated at about ¤1.2m in revenues and net income of ¤250,000.

Strengthening an excellent balance sheet

At 31 August 2007, the Group had a net cash surplus of ¤2.1 million on shareholders' equity of ¤6.8m. Although these levels are much higher than the Group's immediate capital requirements, they allow the group to pursue a selective acquisition strategy based on seizing opportunities in the most buoyant areas of marketing services.


Despite an uncertain stock market environment, the Group still plans to report at least the same level of net income in 2007 as in 2006, or about ¤800,000. NEWS INVEST has excellent growth and earnings prospects for the first half of 2008.

The growth of search marketing in France, currently at nearly 70%, is the main driving force behind this favourable outlook. Pulpmedia is very well positioned in this fast-growing market, which should automatically boost its contribution to Group revenues and profitability. By 2008, Pulpmedia and the other internet marketing activities should account for about 70% of consolidated revenues, significantly reducing the exposure of the Group's consulting and public relations activities to stock market fluctuations.

News Invest's acquisition of Pulpmedia demonstrates the pertinence of the Group's strategic vision and its ability to anticipate the consolidation movement by the big sector players, illustrating the growth potential and value of this activity.

News Invest, marketing services
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