NEWS INVEST : 2006 results: promises held


Noteworthy improvement in profitability
News Invest, France's leading internet financial marketing network, reported 96% growth in its net profit, up to ¤835 K.

Consolidated data
¤ '000
2006(1) 2005 Change
Revenues 8,445 7,372 +14.6%
Adjusted revenues
(excluding financial advertising)
6,759 5,607 +20.6%
Operating income
Margin on restated revenues
Net income (before goodwill)
Margin on restated revenues
Net cash 1,921 1,314 +46.2%
(1) Audited figures fully integrating the operations of its Actus Finance and Communication and Actusnews Wire subsidiaries acquired in September 2005 as well as Pulpmedia as of 1 October 2006.

127% growth in internet business

Successful integration of Pulpmedia, one of the 5 French leading Search Marketing agencies among the just 10 accredited by Google and Yahoo. Pulpmedia and the News Invest Group are going to benefit from the inevitable development of sponsored links in the strategic universe of Finance.

Our "internet financial marketing" positioning has been borne out

With an innovative positioning that combines consulting, targeting and recruiting new shareholders/clients, the total internet marketing offering has been highly successful with many clients, both listed and unlisted on the stock market.

The AMF has officially registered Actusnews Wire as a primary provider of regulated information.

After anticipating more than three years ago the transposition of the European Transparency Directive, the Actusnews Wire department specialised in the electronic dissemination of press releases has been rewarded for its hard work as it now counts more than 100 recurring clients and more than 6 million web surfers reached in France.

Satisfactory 2007 outlook
The fact that new institutional investors have acquired a stake in the Company has helped build up the Group's equity. Equity stood at ¤6.42 million at 31 December 2006, up 38% over the year.
Management intends to further improve the Group's valuation by maintaining a good level of profitability in 2007. The share of revenue posted by internet operations should continue to grow further, bearing out its innovative internet financial marketing strategy. The Group will benefit from a favourable regulatory environment for internet-based communication, via its subsidiary Actusnews Wire, and synergies with Pulpmedia, set to make a contribution to 2007 income in excess of ¤300 K.
Drawing on its financial solidity, News Invest will seize every opportunity of making a strategic acquisition in order to accelerate its development. 

News Invest, the leading internet financial marketing network.

News Invest is listed on the Marché Libre of Euronext Paris. Ticker: MLNEI -
Reuters code: NWZy.PA - Bloomberg code: MLNEI:FP

News Invest
Stéphane Moity
Chairman of the Executive Board
Tel.: 01 53 67 36 50

Eric Levasseur
Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board
Tel.: 01 53 67 36 36
Press relations
Chantal Farant

Tel.: 01 53 67 35 86

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