New shareholders to support GEP’s development in wind power.


On April 25th, 2013, Athanor Sicar has notified GEP that it has sold a majority stake of 3 083 726 shares of GEP to 50 individual private investors acting through a group of five Swiss banks. This sale was done off-market in the context of the voluntary liquidation of Athanor Sicar, decided by its shareholders.

The transaction price has not been disclosed by the parties.

Two of the new shareholders will hold more than 5% of the capital each. All other remaining shareholders will be under the 5% threshold.

The current management of GEP will receive full support of its new shareholders, who plan to be represented at board level.

Jean-Marie Santander, CEO : “This transaction reflects the confidence of private investors in the development of GEP. The free float of the company is now around 50% and the liquidity of the stock will automatically be improved. GEP will benefit from the arrival of these new private shareholders to support its development in wind power. This is an important step in Global EcoPower’s story before its Alternext share listing application, which is expected in the coming months.”

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