NEOTION : NEOTION reveals plans on revolutionary HD-module for Standard DVB television sets.


January 10th 2007

NEOTION, a French high-tech company specialized in the digital television, reveals plans to launch a module based HD decoder that can be fitted into any DVB Common Interface slot. By the use of advanced silicon technology and advanced software, NEOTION will offer all owners to take advantage of MPEG4 AVC HD content on their iDTV, regardless if the IDTV is originally intended for MPEG2 or MPEG4. Very simply, MPEG4 signals will be transcoded in real-time into MPEG2, and alternatively, a separate cable with HDMI connector will be connected to the IDTV's native HDMI input.

The NEOTION MPEG4 HD module will be introduced during the second semester 2007.

-"This is truly a revolutionary step ahead for making HDTV available for millions of iDTV owners in Europe." Says NEOTION's CEO and Co-founder Laurent Jabiol. -"With this module, all existing HD-ready panels with built-in DTT tuner, that basically were intended for MPEG-2 Broadcasts in Standard Definition, can be used to offer HD Content through a standard TVaerial" says Laurent Jabiol. "Many DTT operators in Europe are right now preparing their technical systems in order to be able to offer HD MPEG4 transmissions".

In Sweden, Boxer will be carrying on test and experimentations of HD transmissions with IDTV's together with NEOTION. Boxer TV-Access AB was started in 1999 and got ever since a tremendous success through the offering of the most popular Swedish channels in DTT. -"Boxer has been deeply involved in getting DTT popular, so that very many Swedes, today, have access to digital TV., This shows, once again, the advantages of an open technology that has been chosen for the DTT. With the help of NEOTION's product innovation, the introduction of HD-services will be even easier than we anticipated." said Peter Johnsson, Boxer's Technical Manager for TV-services.


NEOTION SA is a French high-tech company specialized in the digital television market. NEOTION designs, develops and deploys a wide range of products and services dedicated to both the consumer space, and the corporate customers involved in the Media business.

In February 2004, through the acquisition of XEOLE, NEOTION, quickly became a major player of the MPEG-4 AVC video compression.

Then, in February 2006, NEOTION has successfully launched the credit card format NEOTION Pocket dTV:
the smallest MPEG-4 digital TV receiver in the world (already used by a top-tier French Pay TV Operator).

Its products are overlapping several booming Markets:

  • the Market of secured digital transmission and reception,
  • the Market of video compression and digital recordings for TV, PC and DVD,
  • the Market of Home Networking and PC-TV Convergence.

NEOTION is a public company listed on the Alternext market of Euronext (Paris).

Press Contact: Mr Christophe DEPERNET - +


Boxer TV-Access AB was started in 1999 and is owned by Teracom and 3i. Boxer's business concept is to offer individual households or entire buildings access to digital TV and interactive services at a low cost.

Teracom is Sweden's largest radio and TV operator, and has broadcast radio and TV for almost 80 years.

Teracom was previously a part of Televerket, but has been an independent, state owned public service corporation since 1992. In short, it is Teracom that runs the broadcasting stations and, Kaknästornet (the Kaknäs tower).

3i is a world-leader in private equity and venture capital. The company has been established for 59 years.

3i has got over 280 market-facing investment professionals all over the world.

Press Contact: Mr Peter Johnsson - +46

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