NASEBA GROUP : Naseba joins force with the biggest conference company in China


naseba, a leading business information company listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, announces a joint venture with the largest conference company in China.

Monaco, March 13th, 2007 - naseba is expanding into emerging markets through a majority owned joint venture (51%) with Lnoppen - the largest conference company in China based in Shanghai with a team of 67 members and touching ¤2 million in revenue which naseba looks to increase exponentially.

The joint venture gives the naseba group instant market share in China, as well as increased revenue opportunities due to Lnoppen's existing product range of professional training services and more than 50 annual business-level conferences focused on taxation, finance, logistics, marketing and pharmaceuticals.

In addition to gaining entry into the lucrative China market, the number of naseba's business information products aimed at Asia-Pacific increases significantly in 2007 as a result of combining products from both companies.

"This is not just a joint venture with any conference company in China - Thomas Du, the CEO of Lnoppen as well as many of his key employees worked for me 8 years ago at a previous company, and we have remained very close throughout the years", said Scott Ragsdale, CEO and Chairman of naseba. "Thomas' team set up Lnoppen around the time I started naseba and over the past 4 years, we have discussed very often the day we would join forces - and that day has come."

"This is a tremendous opportunity for us", said Thomas Du, Lnoppen's CEO and Co-founder "we are on top of the Chinese market, and by partnering with a global industry heavyweight such as naseba, we have a chance to spread ourselves across the world. Lnoppen has always strived to be the best; and now, we have become part of the finest information solutions team in the world."

This historic joint venture marks a turning point in the business information solutions market for China - bringing China to the world, and the world to China.

"I am very proud to bring Lnoppen into the naseba group", continues Scott Ragsdale, "Thomas and I are extremely focused on further developing and expanding Lnoppen's market share in Greater China."

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About naseba

Established in 2002, naseba produces business platforms focused on re-education, networking and most importantly increasing deal-making opportunities for executive clients. With offices strategically located in 7 cities around the world, naseba employs over 200 executives from more than 30 nationalities. naseba group went public on the Paris Stock Exchange on October 5th, 2006.

About Lnoppen

Since its inception in 2002, Lnoppen has risen to the top of the information solution market in China, and has earned a reputation for solid business intelligence and superior event programming.  The company has built a reputable brand by providing international executives with the right mix of knowledge, skills and specialized insights through strategic business-to-business platforms. Lnoppen works with more than 1000 key clients and delivers more than 50 events each year in China.

The shares of naseba group are listed on the French Stock Exchange "Marché Libre"
Code ISIN : FR0010241596  - MNEMO : MLNSB

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