MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT : 3rd quarter 2014 turnover


Turnover of ¤372.2 million for the first 9 months meets annual targets
 Sales business resilient in what is still a difficult context


Consolidated (¤M) - non audited 30.09.2014 30.09.2013 Variation
Q1 Sales 124.3 125.4 -0.9%
Q2 Sales 139.9 141.0 -0.8%
Q3 Sales 108.0 114.0 -5.3%
9-month sales 372.2 380.4 -2.2%

Trends in line with predicted targets for the financial period

Sales for the MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT Group for the first 9 months of the 2014 financial year amounted to ¤372.2 million, down by 2.2% and 4.8% on a like-for-like basis. This drop in business stemming from the decline in orders taken in 2013 is in line with the forecasts given for the full year.


Orders taken as at the end of October show tangible signs of stabilization

Orders taken as at the end of September 2014 totalled 3,896 sales and represent a turnover of ¤425.9 million excluding tax, down by 5.7% in volume and by 4.3% in value compared with last year. On a like-for-like basis, the variation is -8.2% in volume and -7.4% in value.

Despite the fact that customers have been adopting a wait-and-see policy with regard to the government measures to promote the real estate sector, applicable as from October, the decline in orders taken, observed since the 2nd quarter, has been less marked in September (-6.5% in value).

The month of October clearly shows signs of a recovery in the Group's sales business, with a slight increase in orders taken in comparison with October 2013.

The Group is also actively pursuing potential growth opportunities. The renovation business thus recorded an increase in orders taken as at the end of September, validating the annual target of around ¤10 million.


Production targets confirmed for 2014

The MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT Group confirms its target of achieving a turnover that is down by 2.5% for the whole of the 2014 financial year, with a level of profitability that will remain satisfactory.

In terms of orders taken, the Group hopes the measures announced by the government, especially those for improving the interest-free mortgage scheme (PTZ+), with particular emphasis on areas where there is little or no housing pressure, where the Group makes a significant proportion of its turnover, will have a positive effect in the coming months or will at least help put a stop to the decline in the market.

However, the MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT Group does not expect any real recovery in the market before 2015.



Next press release: 4th quarter 2014 Sales, on 5 February 2015 after stock exchange closing.



Founded in 1919, MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT is the oldest builder of single-family homes in France and the largest builder of single-family homes on individual plots. The Group operates in 20 regions in France, with 340 sales offices and 50 model homes.

Staff at 30 September 2014: 1,416 people.

MAISONS France CONFORT equities are eligible for PEA-PME equity savings plan.

MAISONS FRANCE CONFORT is listed on the Euronext Paris - Compartment B.

ISIN Number:  FR 0004159473 - Index: CAC® Small, CAC® Mid & Small, CAC® All-Tradable, CAC® All-Share

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Patrick Vandromme
Chairman and Managing Director
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Jean-Christophe Godet
Finance & Administration Manager
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Amalia Naveira
Analyst/Investor/Press relations
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Press relations
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