KBC : KBC : A new bank in Slovakia since January


Since January 1st, 2008 a new bank is acting in Slovakia - ?eskoslovenská obchodná banka, a. s. New legal entity came into being, so far was acting as branch of the foreign bank in Slovakia with business Headquarters in Czech Republic.

The aim of new legal entity is ?SOB in Slovakia to be an independent, strong financial subject with the same status, competencies and responsibilities as the other companies belonging to the whole KBC Group in Europe have.

The share-holders of the bank are stable companies on European market - ?SOB Czech Republic (56.74 %), KBC Belgium (39.80 %), ?SOB Leasing Czech Republic (2.02 %), ?SOB Factoring Czech Republic (1.44 %). The share capital of ?SOB in the Slovak Republic is SKK 5 billion (¤ 151 million) and equity SKK 14 billion.

The new bank came into being on January 1st, 2008 with the official business name ?eskoslovenská obchodná banka, a. s. Headquarters of the bank are on Michalská street 18 in Bratislava. The bank is part of the integrated unit - Financial Group ?SOB/KBC. From the beginning of the year 2008 all daughters companies except ?SOB Pois?ov?a (Insurance Company) - ?SOB Asset Management, ?SOB Pension Supplementary Funds, ?SOB Leasing, ?SOB Building Society, ?SOB Factoring became 100 % daughters of the bank.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors became Daniel Kollár, members of the Board of Directors became Branislav Straka, Rastislav Murga¨, ?ubo¨ Ondrejko, Marck Bautmans and Evert Vandenbussche.

The Chairman of Supervisory Board became Jan Vanhevel and its members are John Hollows, Rita Clémentina Docx, So?a Feren?íková, Marek ¦pak a Beáta Dorociaková.

The new bank takes over all contractual commitments towards clients; since January 1st 2008 new clients sign up contracts with new legal entity. Contracts signed before January 1st 2008 remain valid and are not going to change. ?SOB will inform its clients about this change by means of special letter and information is also available on the bank web page.

?SOB remains a universal bank. In its portfolio remain products and retail clients' maintenance, SME, corporate banking, private banking and financial markets. Advantages connected to the partnership with ?SOB Group in Czech Republic remain (cash withdrawal, payments). 

?SOB is universal bank acting in the Czech and Slovak Republic. It was established in 1965. It carries out operations in Slovak and foreign currency for inland and foreign clients, corporate bodies and individual clients. ?SOB has 85 Slovak branches.


Contact for media:
Tereza Copláková, Head of Communications
E-mail: tcoplakova@csob.sk
Phone: +421 2 5966 5814

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