GROUPE STERIA : Steria to deploy business transformation programme at Havant Borough Council


Steria, a leading European end-to-end IT services provider, has been appointed to implement a three year business transformation programme by Havant Borough Council. The programme aims to improve efficiencies throughout the organisation and to deliver greater value to the 117,000 residents in the area.

The contract will involve conducting a comprehensive Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) programme touching every service throughout the council ranging from corporate services such as customer support, to community and front-line services such as the environment and planning. The programme will include the introduction of smarter ways of working within and across departments and the growth of remote and mobile working to enhance service delivery. Steria will also work with Havant to identify new technology requirements to improve the council's electronic services. These will include new procurement and booking systems, and an electronic documents and records management system (EDRMS).

Susan Parker, Strategic Partnerships and Business Transformation Manager at Havant Borough Council, said: "This change programme is an opportunity to ensure our services are right up to date with both current technology and our resident's expectations."

"Steria has been our ICT managed services provider since 2005, a partnership which has delivered many benefits for Havant to date, particularly in terms of the basic technical building blocks required to deliver sustainable improvements to the way we work. The Business Transformation Programme builds on this partnering relationship, where the work in Environmental Services alone has identified no less than 90 opportunities for service improvement. Steria's mindset is very much the same as ours in that business change is not just about the technology, it's also about the people and processes, all three must work together in order to make change stick".

Patrick Stephenson, General Manager - Local Government & Health Division, Steria Limited commented: "We're delighted to be continuing our partnership with Havant and helping the council to meet its t-government objectives. Steria's experience in handling business transformation projects has enabled us to provide Havant with a programme which will make it more fluid in its processes, benefiting both the organisation and citizens by being more efficient in the way in which it runs on a daily basis."

About Steria (

As an end-to-end IT services provider, Steria offers its customers (European companies and public authorities) services that combine functional and technological expertise in a bid to align information systems with strategic objectives and run the associated services.
The pertinence of this offer, focusing on dynamic markets -public services, banking, insurance, telecommunications, utilities, transport- is confirmed by the Group's organic growth and profitability, which are among the highest in the sector. Steria booked a revenue of ¤1.3 billion and an operating margin of 7.1% in 2006.
Steria's corporate culture, which is based on values of simplicity, creativity, independence, respect and openness, is reflected in:

  • its ability to undertake complex projects and deliver measurable results to its customers;
  • the commitment of its 10,000 employees to developing new services and successfully carrying out their assignments;
  • an organisational structure that combines decentralisation (for maintaining close customer relationships) with networking (to encourage the development of synergies and feedback with partners and customers);
  • the involvement of employee shareholders in strategic decision-making processes (excluding the founder's stake, 16% of the Group's capital is owned by the employees, making them Steria's number one shareholder).

Steria draws on these qualities to transform technological innovation into value for progress.

Steria is listed on Euronext Paris, Eurolist (Compartment B).

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