GROUPE STERIA : Steria secures EUR 9.5 million ( GBP 6.5 million) IT services contract with Sutton Council


Savings of ¤1.5 million (more than £1 million) expected over five years

Steria, a leading European end-to-end IT services company, has signed a contract to modernise and improve the IT facilities for Sutton Council.  The five year contract, worth ¤9.5 million (£6.5 million), is due to commence on 1 October 2007 and will provide greater resilience and a more flexible IT infrastructure, as well as support the Council's business continuity strategy.

The project is expected to provide returns of ¤1.5 million (more than £1 million) over the duration of the contract based on current expenditure levels, and will afford Sutton Council greater flexibility as to how and when it delivers services to its customers. 

Colin Hall, lead councillor for information technology at Sutton Council, says, "The potential the Steria solution brings to what we can offer our customers and the flexibility it will give our staff is very exciting.  Furthermore, it gives the Council improved business continuity to minimise the effects of any equipment failure."

Once implemented Sutton Council's 2,500 users will benefit from improved remote working, enabling them to manage and respond to customer enquiries at a faster rate.

Steria will be responsible for hosting and maintaining the new server and storage technology in its fully managed data centre, plus operating technical support to keep the Council's systems running 24 hours a day.  Improved duplicate facilities at Steria's remote backup site will reduce any downtime due to equipment failure. 

The new infrastructure will rely heavily on thin client and virtual server technology, improving cost effectiveness and simplifying the support processes.  Working closely with its partner, Hewlett Packard, Steria will begin managing a seven month implementation programme in April 2007 before full operation commences in October.

Paul Sellick, director of public authorities, Steria Limited, comments, "This new system will result in a significant improvement in the way in which Sutton Council runs on a daily basis.  Steria's experience in the public sector has enabled us to provide a flexible IT infrastructure and improved service delivery that will satisfy the needs of the Council's employees and citizens in the area."

About Steria (

Extensive expertise in its three core businesses of consulting, systems integration and managed services has made Steria a leading end-to-end IT services provider for companies and public authorities throughout Europe.

With a revenue of ¤1.3 billion in 2006 and over 10,000 employees, Steria is one of the top ten European IT services companies.

Understanding the challenges facing its customers enables Steria to design business-specific solutions with high added value in all of its fields of expertise - the public sector and healthcare, banking and insurance, telecommunications and utilities/transport/manufacturing - as well as innovative technological solutions.

Based on over 35 years' experience in managing large-scale projects, an exceptional ability to respond and an industrial approach to business, Steria has developed a result-based culture with a commitment to service quality and customer satisfaction.

Steria's employees, who hold 24% of the Group's capital, draw on its core values of simplicity, creativity, independence, respect and openness to transform the latest and most advanced information technologies into added-value services, enabling Steria to help its customers make progress.

Steria is listed on Euronext Paris, Eurolist (Compartment B).

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