GROUPE STERIA : Steria develops the new system for managing the 6.3 million policyholders of Chorégie, the economic interest grouping of the Mutuelle Générale de l’Education Nationale (MGEN), La Mutuelle Des Etudiants (LMDE) and Mutualité Fonction Publiq


Steria develops the new system for managing the 6.3 million policyholders of Chorégie, the economic interest grouping of the Mutuelle Générale de l'Education Nationale (MGEN), La Mutuelle Des Etudiants (LMDE) and Mutualité Fonction Publique Services (MFP Services) based on the Starweb© solution

The economic interest group GIE Chorégie has chosen Steria to develop its new information system. This system will be divided between EFFIGIE (MGEN and LMDE) and MFP Services, and will be based on the Starweb© solution developed by Éloïse. GIE Chorégie processes over 400,000 electronic medical expense claim forms per day for 6.3 million people.

The Mutualité Fonction Publique Services (MFP Services) and the Mutuelle Générale de l'Education Nationale (MGEN) with its partner La Mutuelle Des Etudiants (LMDE) have decided to mutualize and combine their IT systems for managing health insurance benefits within GIE Chorégie, to meet the many current and future challenges of managing social insurance policies. Mutualité Fonction Publique Services is made up of 22 civil service mutual insurance companies, and manages the compulsory and supplementary schemes of 2.5 million people. The Mutuelle Générale de l'Education Nationale (MGEN) is the largest French mutual insurance company providing management of compulsory and supplementary schemes, and has over three million policyholders. The La Mutuelle Des Etudiants (LMDE) manages over 800,000 student social insurance policies.

GIE Chorégie has chosen to rely on the industrial capacities and business expertise of Steria to successfully complete this major project. Steria is responsible for integrating the Starweb solution developed by Eloïse, a subsidiary of Cimut, the IT specialist for health insurance professions. The solution integrated by Steria is intended to meet the technical and organizational constraints of Chorégie, making it easier to take into account changes in the regulations concerning management of social insurance policies.

The project will enable GIE Chorégie to harmonize its information system and make it more flexible, and to optimize management of health insurance benefits (consistent lead times) to offer constant quality of service to its 6.3 million policyholders, i.e. 10% of the French population.

Thanks to its expertise in the field of health insurance, Steria will offer GIE Chorégie its knowledge of business processes and its experience of conducting complex projects. The software company Eloïse will provide the technical and functional expertise of the Starweb solution, which is continually under development. Starweb is entirely based on Internet technology, and minimizes the impact of deployment and updates, after changes or corrections.

Steria and Éloïse are therefore strengthening the partnership and expertise that they have already successfully established, with the development of the new computer system of Apria RSA.

About Steria: The leading end-to-end IT services provider in Europe for companies which consider new technologies a vital part of their business strategy, Steria focuses on setting up strategic partnerships with its customers in each of its key markets: the public sector, finance, telecommunications, utilities and transport. Steria offers customers integrated services including consulting in core business processes as well as the development and operation of their information systems. In October 2007, Steria acquired the British firm Xansa. The new group employs over 19,000 staff in 16 countries, including 5,000 in India. On December 31, 2007, Steria revenue amounted to ¤1.4 billion (¤1.9 billion pro forma). The Group, headquartered in Paris, is listed on the Euronext Paris market.

About ELOÏSE: Éloïse is a subsidiary of Cimut. It offers licenses to operate or use the Starweb© platform to large organizations in the health sector that do not fall within the regulatory scheme of Cimut. These organizations can now acquire Starweb© by selecting functional modules that suit their requirements. Starweb© is an IT solution for managing compulsory and supplementary health insurance schemes, the fruit of 34 years of innovative development by Cimut. Starweb© employs an n-tier architecture and all of the application interfaces are Internet-based. It is a homogenous and complete solution comprising a proprietary core program for managing compulsory/supplementary health insurance schemes, and integrated software packages (management of customer relations, decision-making, electronic document management, electronic publishing, mail, accounting, online Internet services etc.).

About CHOREGIE: CHOREGIE is an economic interest group set up in 2005 made up of MFP Services and GIE EFFIGIE (made up of MGEN and LMDE), in order to group together their IT systems activities, in particular to manage compulsory and supplementary schemes. Their IT systems were gradually merged. From 2009, CHOREGIE is responsible for managing all heath insurance activities (compulsory and supplementary health insurance schemes). It also hosts all of the IT products of its founder members. CHOREGIE has almost 330 employees on its sites in Paris, Tours and Vandoeuvre-Lès-Nancy.

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