GROUPE STERIA : Steria develops a single inter-army pay management software solution for the French Ministry of Defence


In a major Public Sector modernisation project, Steria has developed a single inter-army (1) pay management software solution (LOUVOIS - Logiciel Unique à Vocation Interarmées), the IT system that will manage pay for all of the Ministry of Defence's 400,000 servicemen.

Project Louvois is totally in line with the General Review of Public Policy (Revue générale des politiques publiques -- RGPP)'s emphasis on rationalization, with plans to set up a single pay centre by 2010. Louvois will allow administrative services to go paperless and is a preview of the National Pay Operator which is to be rolled out at the Ministry of Defence in 2016. Indeed, the gains in productivity generated by implementing Louvois will allow Ministry of Defence personnel to refocus on higher value-added core business.

Chosen by the Ministry for its ability to provide end-to-end services, Steria France called on three main core businesses: consulting, systems integration and managed services, as well as on their business and functional expertise, which are particularly relevant to Defence, Pay and Human Resources.

Louvois will be rolled out on 1 April, 2010, and will progressively link to the Ministry of Defence's four Human Resources Information Systems and to the HR IS of the French National Gendarmerie (Ministry of the Interior, Overseas and Local Authorities). In 2011, it will be used to calculate and issue monthly payslips for the entire Armed Forces taking just a a few hours' (2) to complete . Louvois will be the central link in a single HR and Pay chain, which was recommended by the army pay center modernisation audit completed in November 2006.

Louvois will be built at Steria's Project Center in Vélizy, which will oversee all of the industrial project management as well as the integration of the pay calculation kernel developed by the Armies under a public work contract.

“This project, which we developed especially for the Ministry of Defence, is emblematic of Steria's positioning on the public sector market. For many years, we have supported major projects to transform the sector, as much for financial systems as for the current challenges related to human resource management” explains Jean-Charles Tarlier, Director for the Public Sector and Transport, Steria France.

(1): French Defence Health Service, Air Force, Navy, Army and Gendarmerie. (2): Tests conducted at the DELL site in Limerick were able to measure processing time for 300,000 subjects at 53 minutes without back calculation and 5 hours 18 minutes with 12 months of back calculation for all subjects.

About Steria: The leading end-to-end IT services provider in Europe for companies which consider new technologies a vital part of their business strategy, Steria focuses on setting up strategic partnerships with its customers in each of its key markets: the public sector, finance, telecommunications, utilities and transport. Steria offers customers integrated services including consulting in core business processes as well as the development and operation of their information systems. In October 2007, Steria acquired the British firm Xansa. The new group employs over 19,000 staff in 16 countries, including 5,000 in India. On December 31, 2007, Steria revenue amounted to ¤1.4 billion (¤1.9 billion pro forma). The Group, headquartered in Paris, is listed on the Euronext Paris market.

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