GROUPE STERIA : Steria announces the opening of a new Centre of Excellence for Java Agile Development in Luxembourg


The Steria Centre of Excellence for Java Agile Development opened its doors on April 28, 2008 in the presence of M. le Ministre  de la Justice, Ministre  du Trésor et du Budget, Sir Luc Frieden and his Excellency the ambassador of France, Sir Charles-Henri d'Aragon.
The purpose of this Java Agile Development Centre is to reach excellence in the development of high quality J2EE applications. By capitalising know-how and industrialisation of the Java development process, this excellence centre will provide to customers a high level service with high reactivity and mission critical capacities in the area of software implementation.

Industrialisation of the development process is a strong challenge. Steria, taking advantage of its strong capacities of software development in large projects for more than 40 years in Europe, decided to strengthen its development capacities in Luxemburg by putting in place a high productive software production environment with respect to the J2EE domain standards. Therefore, in order to guarantee the high quality of the development, the centre uses the latest cutting-edge technologies to foster real time control and follow up of applications implementation. The process is managed by automatic tools that check continuously the code base quality and provide real time facilities to monitor the processes.

This technological environment is completed by the gathering in the centre of J2EE experts, dedicated to the implementation of cutting-edge J2EE techniques, in the frame of ambitious projects (A managed project implies a workload of 3000 days). Today 20 highly trained employees work for the Steria Centre of Excellence for Java Agile Development in Luxembourg. This should become a team of more than 40 people.

Steria's intention is also to introduce a new modern way of communicating with its customer throughout the project, by providing secured 'online' (accessible through internet) facilities to follow up development process and to enter at any time a request to its supplier. Therefore, a secured portal has been put in place. This means that a customer can check at any time the progress of his development, find the deliverables, report a bug or ask a question, and download the latest available documentation. This facilitates the follow up of the project and guarantees the correctness of the work done.

The Steria Interconnection Box (SIB) project is currently the leading solution developed by the Luxembourg centre. This 'SIB' is Steria's solution for interconnecting the national police and immigration control systems with the central SIS II and VIS1 databases: the new Information Systems rolled out by the European Commission within the Schengen area. To date, the SIB solution has been implemented in 8 European countries and several other countries have expressed an interest to implement the SIB solution..
"We work with the Schengen Member States to deliver mission critical and secured solutions in the scope of major European Union programmes - Schengen Information System II and Visa Information System" commented Emmanuel Volckringer, Programme Director at Steria. "This offer is a further proof of our expertise in developing solutions to meet the challenges faced by European governments in terms of exchanging data, ensuring security and complying with EU regulations."

The target of Steria is to allow the Customer to benefit from this proven industrialised infrastructure and know-how in their development programmes. "The opening of the Steria Centre of Excellence for Java Agile Development is a key step in the ambition of Steria in Luxembourg. Indeed, the target is to be able to cover the whole process of development," said René Luyckx, Chairman de Steria PSF Luxembourg & CEO Steria Benelux.

The development centre's consultants participate in business requirements gatherings, preparing the implementation work by designing the application and respecting the development prerequisites.
The development team then ensures that the designed solution is implemented within the industry. This process respects recent AGILEs methodologies, allowing incremental processes and regular validation of achieved steps with the customers. Thus, Steria provides flexibility in the chosen process, proposing an adapted process to specific project situations.
At the end of the development chain, a specific and dedicated Test team, composed of testing specialists, qualify the developed solution, by performing functional and non functional tests.  The task of compliance with methodologies and quality during all these stages of the project is also a crucial stake that Steria wants to place as a backbone of the centre's activity. Therefore, the CMMI normalisation process is ongoing and Steria aims to have the centre certified by 2009.

1SIS II: Schengen Information System II - VIS: Visa Information System

About Steria:

The leading end-to-end IT services provider in Europe for companies which consider new technologies a vital part of their business strategy, Steria focuses on setting up strategic partnerships with its customers in each of its key markets: the public sector, finance, telecommunications, utilities and transport.

Steria offers customers integrated services including consulting in core business processes as well as the development and operation of their information systems. In October 2007, Steria acquired the British firm Xansa.

The new group employs over 18,000 staff in 16 countries, including 5,000 in India. On December 31, 2007, Steria revenue amounted to ¤1.4 billion. The Group, headquartered in Paris, is listed on the Euronext Paris market.

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